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Sapphire Fine Jewelry

Like ruby, sapphire is made of corundum, one of the hardest substances known after diamond. Sapphire can be found in shades of blue and most other colors except for red. Sapphire fine jewelry is most often combined with other stones and includes earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

What types of metals are used with sapphire jewelry?

The metals used in sapphire jewelry are:

  • Gold: Solid gold is 24 karat gold and is considered too soft to wear every day. To make it more wearable, it is alloyed with another metal such as copper, zinc, or nickel.
  • Platinum: Platinum is a shiny silver precious metal. It’s also called a noble metal because it does not alloy easily with other metals.
  • Sterling silver: Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, with the rest being copper alloy. Like gold, pure silver is soft.

When a piece of jewelry is plated, it means a softer metal -- or a metal that needs some protection if it’s to be worn every day -- is given a layer of a stronger metal such as rhodium or platinum. A piece of jewelry that is gold-filled is made of a base metal with an application of a thin layer of a gold alloy.

What is a star sapphire?

A star sapphire is a sapphire that contains a mineral called rutile. Rutile, which is titanium dioxide, appears as fine needles. If they are aligned a certain way in the gemstone, they break up the light and create what looks like a star.

What other gemstones are used with sapphire jewelry?

Many other types of gems can be used to complement the sapphire in a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet. Some of the most common jewels are:

  • Diamonds: Diamond is the hardest material on earth. Diamonds come in many colors, from white to black. Some are even blue like a sapphire.
  • Topaz: Topaz is a gemstone that is heavier than it looks. It can come in many colors including sherry and white. White topaz can mimic diamonds.
  • Ruby: Ruby is the other form of corundum, and it is always red. Blue sapphires and red rubies are commonly paired with rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Emerald: Emerald is a type of green beryl. It is much softer than either sapphire or diamond and is sometimes used with them in pieces of jewelry.
  • Opal: Opal is a stone that shows beautiful iridescence because of microscopic spheres of silica inside of it. There are several varieties of opal, and it usually comes as cabochons or carvings.
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