Sansui 9090

Sansui 9090 Stereo Receivers for Vintage Audio Action

If you want to impress your friends with a vintage stereo receiver whenever they come around to listen to music, you might want to try out one of the Sansui 9090 receivers in this collection. When you shop for vintage audio equipment on eBay, you can always be assured that youll have plenty of options to choose from at various price points. Reviewing these answers to common customer questions may help you pick out a particular unit that you like the most.

What input options does the Sansui 9090 offer?

Every 9090 receiver made by this brand is hard-wired with both AM and FM radio settings. Some receivers may also come with antennas, but you might have to purchase AM and FM antennas separately. In addition, these receivers feature a number of auxiliary inputs that have labels like "TV" and "cassette." However, these inputs have standard RCA receptacles, which means that you can connect any RCA-equipped device to these inputs even if it isnt a television or a cassette tape player.

Are there any accessories for this receiver?

Here are some examples of the accessories and replacement parts that are offered for these stereo receivers:

  • Knobs: If the knobs on your Sansui receiver become broken, damaged, or lost, you can replace them with knobs that are guaranteed to fit your model of receiver. Replacement knobs feature the same chrome finish as the original Sansui knobs.
  • Antenna bases: These bases provide places where you can set up your stereo receivers FM antenna. They generally have holes where you can insert two small screws, and they have receptacles where you can insert antennas.
  • Switches: Your Sansui stereo receiver uses a variety of switches to operate. If these switches become damaged, you can replace them. Keep in mind that replacing these switches will require removing the front panel of your receiver.
What variances are there between Sansui 9090 models?

Every Sansui 9090 unit on eBay includes the same features, knobs, and displays. However, some factors may vary from model to model. For instance, the condition of some of the 9090 receivers in this collection may be brand new, but other options may be used, like new, or in acceptable condition. In addition, the stereo receivers in this collection may also feature different-colored wood veneers. Some may feature light-colored maple veneers, while others may feature dark-colored oak veneers. Furthermore, these veneers may have different grain styles.

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