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SanDisk 32GB SDHC Camera Memory Cards

Class 10 SanDisk SDHC camera memory cards are a form of storage media for many different kinds of mobile devices. In spite of their name, SanDisk SDHC media can interface with a broad range of devices from electronic book readers to game consoles that support the SDHC standard. They provide a shockproof flash storage space for users, and they offer several storage capacity options.

How many pictures does a 32GB SDHC memory card hold?

It depends upon how high of a resolution that is used to take the photos. Any 32GB SanDisk memory card could potentially hold up to 4,800 photographs. If you shoot them in full HD, then each photo will take up more of the memory card's capacity.

Are Class 10 SanDisk SDHC cards compatible with Nintendo 3DS?

Original Nintendo 3DS game consoles offer read and write access to SDHC memory cards between 4GB and 32GB in capacity. This means that your Class 10 32GB SanDisk SDHC memory card should work if you want to store downloaded games. If your SanDisk memory card comes in the microSDHC size, then you can use a standard adapter to plug it into your 3DS console. Newer 3DS units do not need an adapter for smaller microSDHC memory cards.

How much video can you record on a 32GB SDHC?

SanDisk rates these Class 10 SDHC cards for around 770 minutes of standard HD video. If you are using a really high megapixel depth setting on your camcorder or you are shooting video through full HD video digital cameras, then you should still be able to fit around 150 minutes. Keep in mind that each time you move your videos off your SDHC card, you get the full capacity of the memory card back.

How long does the storage space inside the card last?

If you simply write data to a Class 10 SanDisk UHS-I SDHC device, then it should be able to last around nine years before bit rot sets in. Plugging the Ultra SHDC unit into a reader to recharge it would help prolong the life span in this situation. Ultra SDHC storage devices are rated for several million write cycles before they fail.

How does wear leveling protect your UHS-I SD card?

UHS-I SD cards use wear leveling to make sure all the SDHC memory cells inside of them are written evenly. SDHC cells are rated for a limited number of write cycles. Ultra SD cards make sure that the host machine they are plugged into writes to different cells at different times so that they do not wear out any of the cells prematurely.

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