San Francisco Giants Tickets Give You Access to an Exciting Baseball Game

San Francisco Giants baseball tickets can give you access to stadium seats during regular season or post season games. The AT&T park in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco has been the home of the Giants since 2000. If you're a Giants fan, you can use one of these tickets to get a seat in the park so that you can watch the team live from the stands.

What kinds of seats can be accessed using Giants tickets?

Giants tickets are assigned to specific seats, and each seat can be accessed by a fan who has a proper ticket stub. The most common seating options on eBay are the following:

  • Lower box seats: These seats are positioned near ground level. When compared to other seats, lower box seats are closer to the baseball field. Within this section, there are many separate chairs for different ticket holders.
  • Club seats: Club seats are usually found in the center of a stadium. These seats are typically higher than low-level chairs and lower than upper level box seats.
  • Upper box seats: Upper box seats give fans a high point of view in a stadium. By sitting in this area, you'll have no problems seeing all of the players on the field. However, you may need to use binoculars to see everything clearly from a distance.
Where are San Francisco Giants tickets used?

San Francisco Giants tickets are processed at AT&T park, which is located in South Beach. In this stadium, thousands of fans have traded tickets for seats since 2000. Thanks to the large seating capacity, this baseball venue has enough real estate for 41,915.

The benefits of club level ticket perks

In the club level at AT&T park, there are special seats for super fans on the second level. These seats are behind the home plate and dugout, so everyone who buys club level tickets gets an upscale experience and a practical view of the players and plays on the field. Because all of the club level seats are near the scoreboard at AT&T park, fans can track points and innings very easily during a Giants game.

What's on a San Francisco Giants ticket?

A San Francisco Giants ticket include information about the day of the event and the time that the game begins. You'll also find details about the assigned seat and its seating section in the stadium. The MLB ticket manufacturers list the seating row on every ticket so that fans can easily pinpoint where they should sit during a game.

The various seating options for Giants tickets

Many Giants tickets give fans access to different stadium seats that provide unique advantages during a Giants game. The main spots are the following:

  • Aisle seats: These seats are ideal options for people who constantly buy snacks or fans who take frequent trips to the bathroom or snack booths. Aisle seats provide easy access to stadium facilities because they're positioned next to the stairs.
  • Center seats: Center-row seats are arranged in the middle of a line of seats. These seats benefit families since they keep parents close to kids throughout a game.
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