Get Tickets to San Diego Padres Games On ebay

Going to an MLB game is an ideal way to spend an afternoon, and there isn't a much better place than San Diego to do so. San Diego's climate provides baseball fans with perfect weather conditions year-round for baseball, which means you can go to catch an intense baseball match-up or simply go to enjoy a relaxing afternoon outside with your friends or family. Ticket holders offer tickets to Padres games for the whole season on eBay, making it a great place to get a fair price on seats.

Can tickets be purchased for games throughout the season?

Yes. Once the schedule is announced, many season ticket holders will offer up their seats for sale to games they can't make or aren't interested in. On eBay, you can usually find tickets for games throughout the year in seats all over Petco Park, the ballpark where the San Diego Padres play their home games. More seats will become available to games later in the year as the season goes on, so keep checking on the home game you are interested in.

Are there tickets available for spring training games?

Tickets to the Padres spring training games are made available as soon as the schedule is announced. Spring training is a great time to catch the Padres stars and future players in a more intimate setting. The team plays its spring training games in Peoria, Arizona, in the Cactus League. Like Petco Park, seats are available all over the stadium.

Searching for seats

On eBay, there are a number of ways to search for the seats you want. The following are some parameters you can use to help narrow down your search:

  • Section - Many ticket owners offer their seats up with a description of where they are located. Put the part of Petco Park you are interested in, and you will get multiple options to choose from.
  • Date - Enter the date you wish to attend the game, and you will see every seat offered in Petco Park for that day.
  • Team - If you are a fan of another team and want to see them when they come to play at Petco Park, enter that team name, and all of the Padres home games against that team will be made available.
Stadium capacity

Petco Park opened in 2004 and replaced the Qualcomm Stadium. The venue is not only home to the San Diego Padres, but it also features soccer, golf, rugby, and concert events. Petco Park has around 40,209 seats on five different levels. These levels include:

  • Mezzanine level
  • Field level
  • Garden level
  • Terrace level
  • Upper deck

There are also luxury suites and club seats available throughout the park.

The surrounding area

Surrounding Petco Park is the Gaslamp Quarter, which is full of restaurants and shops perfect for visiting before or after a game. There are also hotels right next to the stadium, making it easy for those coming from out of town to make it to the park. The area near the stadium also features Balboa Park, home to a number of museums, and the San Diego Zoo, so those unfamiliar with the area can explore these sites as well.

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