San Antonio Spurs Sports Tickets

See Your Favorite Team in Action with These San Antonio Spurs Tickets

If youre tired of seeing the San Antonio Spurs on TV and want to get up close and personal, the San Antonio Spurs tickets in this collection from eBay might be exactly what you need. In this collection, youll find tickets for both home games and away games, and its even possible to find season tickets that allow you to see every game that the San Antonio Spurs play in their home stadium over the course of a season.

Home stadium of the San Antonio Spurs

The home stadium of the San Antonio Spurs is the AT&T Center. In 2002, this stadium replaced the Alamodome as the home stadium for the Spurs, and it can seat around 19,000 people for a basketball game. This stadium is located near downtown San Antonio, and it features luxury suites and over 30 bathrooms. It is a multi-surface stadium, which means that it has multiple different tiers where people can sit.

What types of seating are there at this stadium?

eBay makes it easy to find the San Antonio Spurs tickets you need to have a memorable night with your friends, but youll want to have a better idea of the seating arrangements before you purchase tickets. These are some examples of the types of seating youll find at the AT&T Center:

  • Charter Level : The Charter Level is one of the most prime pieces of real estate in the AT&T Center. This seating area is right next to the court, and many of the seats in this area are actually courtside. The Charter Level wraps almost all the way around the court, and it features a number of handicapped-accessible areas.
  • Plaza Level : The Plaza Level is directly behind the Charter Level, and it comprises the largest area of the stadium. Plaza Level seats dont command as impressive of a view as Charter Level seats, but they are less expensive and easier to access from the entrances.
  • Super Boxes : While Super Boxes may be relatively far away from the court, they provide the best possible views of the overall game. These boxes are equipped with all of the luxuries that you could need during the game, and they even have their own bathrooms. The Super Boxes are strategically located at two of the corners of the stadium.
  • Balcony Level : Balcony Level seats are up high, which means that they provide good views of the game.
What are some notable aspects of this stadium?

If this will be your first time visiting the AT&T Center to see the San Antonio Spurs, its worth knowing that there are 50 luxury suites in this stadium. These suites are known as Super Boxes, and you should select these suites if you want to have a luxurious experience. Also, theres an area at this stadium called the H-E-B Fan Zone, which is a full-service restaurant that provides a view of the game. You can purchase alcoholic beverages at this restaurant, and you can also eat and watch the game at the same time. Lastly, you may want to know that there are handicapped-accessible areas in every seating section in this stadium.

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