Get the Samsung Smart TV 40 for Crystal-Clear Intelligent Images

If you want a TV for your lounge or living room that has all the basic functions of a computer, one of the 40-inch Samsung smart TVs in eBays collection might be the right choice for you. This company produces plenty of different smart TV models that all have screens that measure 40 inches diagonally, and these TVs use a variety of high-definition display technologies. To help you pick the right TV, you might find it helpful to read these answers to common customer questions.

What types of smart TVs are there?

Some of the different types of smart TV are described here:

  • 1080p: 1080p TVs deliver high-resolution images, and most of the 1080p TVs in this collection utilize LED technology. TVs with 1080p resolution are usually quite energy-efficient, and they may be wall-mountable or come with internal speakers.
  • 4K: 4K TVs have twice the resolution of 1080p TVs. This means that they create finer, clearer images, and they also have higher density, which means that the colors on 4K TVs seem to pop out of the screen. 4K TV technology is also known as "UHD," which stands for Ultra High Definition.
  • 8K: 8K TVs have double the resolution of 4K TVs. These types of TVs produce images that are so dense that they use "quantum processing" technology, which is a form of image processing that uses some of the practical aspects of quantum physics. These TVs have QLED displays, which are also known as quantum dot displays, and 8K TVs produce images that are so clear and bright that they can look somewhat unreal.
  • Curved: Whether they use 1080p, 4K, or 8K technology, some of the displays in this collection may be curved. When a TV is curved, the images on the screen appear to wrap around the viewer, which can produce a more immersive effect.
Can you use apps with these TVs?

One of the primary purposes of a smart TV is to give users the option to use apps that are built into the TV without having to use an external device such as a DVR. To use and download these apps, youll need to connect your TV to your homes Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

How do you pick the right TV?

The main factor youll need to consider as you pick out a TV is resolution. While some consumers might be fine with 1080p TVs, others might crave the intense image density of cutting-edge 8K video technology.

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