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Samsung Galaxy S6 Straight Talk Cell Phones and Smartphones

Whether you are at work or running errands, cell phones and smartphones provide you with the means of keeping in touch with friends and family. These phones come with camera resolutions that extend from 16 to 20 megapixels. These specific models have a weight of just under 5 ounces and a height of 6 inches.

What are some of the features available with these smartphones?

These Samsung Galaxy phones are equipped with such features as a capacitive touchscreen with a size of 5.1 inches and a screen resolution of 1440P, which is above the high definition resolution. They are made from gorilla glass and consist of an Android operating system. These specific models are outfitted with Wi-Fi capabilities as well as Bluetooth functionality that allows you to hook up to the internet in a variety of ways or to use the device as a hands-free system while operating a vehicle.

A variety of sensors are equipped on the S6, including fingerprint sensors, proximity sensors, accelerometers, a compass, a heart rate sensor, and a barometer. Both an internet browser and music player are automatically included on these models while the camera that is included within the phone will provide you with the means of taking photos as well as video. When you are attempting to access the internet, both 3G and 4G data capabilities are included. These models also come with a 3.5-millimeter audio jack that you can hook up your headphones to. Both voice-activated dialing and a push-to-talk system are also available.

What does the operating system of these phones refer to?

This is the type of software included with a phone that allows you to perform the basic functions of the device, ranging from starting an application to calling someone. The primary operating system included with this model is the Android operating system that comes with its own set of features. Every time you make a command on the phone, such as typing on the screen keyboard, the operating system provides the power necessary to complete these functions.

How much storage capacity do these Samsung devices come with?

The storage on your phone is used to store every document you create, every piece of media or program you download, and all of the pertinent data that occurs when you call someone or store their number. There is a variety of storage capacity amounts that you can obtain with these models, ranging from 16 gigabytes to 128 gigabytes. The files and applications you use on your device can be listed as kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.

What are some colors that these phones come in?

These phones are available in a wide array of color options like black and gray. Some of the extra color options that you can select from include those of blue, gold, and white. It is also possible to select a model in multiple colors with combinations like black and silver and white and gray.

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