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Connect to Any Service Plan With a Quality Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unlocked

Samsung has released a variety of phones over the years, but one of the its biggest is the Galaxy Note 8. Instead of going to a cell service company and ordering the phone through a plan, a new unlocked Galaxy Note 8 from eBay provides you with the phone without a contract.

Reasons to buy the Galaxy Note 8 unlocked

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a new or refurbished unlocked Note 8. There are no credit checks, the phone is yours to keep, and you have numerous options when it comes to carriers. As you shop for the unlocked Samsung, there are typically two versions. The GSM version works with cell companies like T-Mobile or AT&T. The CDMA version works with Verizon, Sprint, Boost, and Virgin Mobile among other carriers. Not only does the affordable Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unlocked allow you to add the phone to your own cell service plan, but you also have the option of using the phone with any type of prepaid plan. Once purchased, simply replace the SIM card in the phone with the one for the prepaid plan.

Can you use the unlocked Note 8 without a service plan?

In some cases, you may want to purchase the used Galaxy Note 8 unlocked without adding a plan at all. The phone will still do everything it is built to do except for texts and calls through standard cell service. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the Galaxy Note 8 allows you to download apps, to browse the web, and to take pictures and video. With Wi-Fi, you have the option to make calls and to send messages through various Samsung Note 8 unlocked apps like Google Hangouts and Google Duo.

What features come with the S Pen?

One of the biggest highlights with the Note 8 unlocked is the S Pen. The pen is built right into the device, making it easy to move in and out. The S Pen allows you to write directly on the screen. There is a built-in Memo app which converts the handwritten words directly into text. You also have the ability to create animated GIFs based off the text written. As you shop for the Note 8, the S Pen comes standard with the device. In some eBay listings, there may be extra S Pen or stylus options to use with the device.

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