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Choosing the Right Samsung HDMI Cables and Adapters

HDMI cables are the standard method of transmitting high-definition video signals between compatible electronics. Many major electronics brands manufacture HDMI cables as well as AV cables, and Samsung is one of them. What follows is a guide explaining the use of HDMI cables and how to choose the correct one.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the standard for transmitting video between high-definition (HD) and ultra high-definition (UHD) electronics. As a digital interface, it allows for better connectivity and video quality. These cables also transmit audio within the same cable for a simpler experience.

What devices use HDMI cords?

Equipment that uses HDMI cables include video game systems, Blu-Ray players, TVs, computers, streaming equipment, and more. Most electronics use a standard HDMI cord that has two plugs - one on each end. Gaming computers, especially when connecting high-end graphics cards, require an HDMI to DVI connection, which is slightly different than a standard HDMI cable. Ensure you find and purchase the right cord for your machine.

When is an HDMI adapter needed?

An adapter is needed to connect certain incompatible electronics together. There are mini and micro HDMI adapters, for example, that are used for connecting mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to larger equipment such as a laptop or television. There are also adapters for standard HDMI cords that can convert HDMI to VGA or HDMI to DVI.

What do the terms "male" and "female" mean?

When it comes to cables, the terms "male" and "female" refer to the ports on each end. The "male" connector is commonly referred to as a plug. It has a solid pin in the center that serves as a conductor. A "female" connector is commonly called a jack. Its center conductor will have a hole to accommodate the male's pin. It is important for consumers to look and see what jacks their electronics have before purchasing an HDMI cable. This will ensure you get a compatible one that has plugs that match the ones on the electronics you need to connect.

What types of cords are there?

There are different varieties of Samsung HDMI cables and adapters with varying levels of connectivity strength. Each has a particular performance standard. Some, such as the cables offered by Samsung, are designed to be highly flexible and durable. Most HDMI cables are six feet long, although some are longer or shorter. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Standard: A standard cable is capable of transmitting 1080i or 720p video. There is a variant that comes with an Ethernet cable to provide an additional dedicated data channel for device networking.
  • High speed: High speed cables transmit video signals at 1080p and beyond. This makes them suitable for use with 4K, 3D, and Deep Color.
  • Premium high speed: These cords have been designed especially for transmitting reliable video for 4K and UltraHD. They support advanced features including HDR, 4K60, and 4:4:4 chroma sampling.
  • Ultra high speed: These cables deliver uncompressed 8K video with HDR. It features support for up to 48Gbps of bandwidth.
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