What You Need to Know Before Buying a Samsung 24-Inch TV

Samsung offers high-rated TVs at different price points, and these TVs come standard with features that suit a variety of needs. You can buy affordable new and pre-owned Samsung 24-inch TVs on eBay.

Will Samsung smart TVs connect to a computer?

Yes. You can connect your Samsung smart TV using your computer's wireless internet connection or with a wireless router through the Samsung smart hub as long as both devices are on the same network. If your computer isn't connected to the same network, you can still connect your Samsung TV to your computer directly using a VGA or HDMI cable.

Are Samsung TVs suitable for gaming?

Samsung smart TVs can easily accommodate the needs of most gamers. Console gamers will appreciate a seamless experience with convenient connectivity to their favorite consoles through Samsung's smart hub. Samsung smart TVs with a 120 Hz refresh rate will be particularly suited to discriminating customers or professional gamers who require a high refresh rate in order to maintain their competitive edge when reacting in real time is a factor.

What smart devices are compatible with Samsung smart TVs?

Your Samsung smart TV will easily connect to your wireless cell phone and other smart devices. By connecting your Samsung smart TV through a Samsung SmartThings hub, you can easily access your smart TV and a host of other devices, anywhere at any time. It is easier to connect your Samsung smartphone, but it is possible to connect an iPhone with the right app or adapter, as well.

What features do these TVs offer?

Samsung 24-inch TVs on eBay offer quite a few features:

  • Connectivity - Offers expansive connectivity
  • Program shows - Enables you to program your favorite shows and sporting events
  • Smartphones - Can connect to smartphones for rapid sharing of photos and other content
  • Smart devices - Can connect to many other smart devices to integrate into your home
  • Apps - Allows for a highly personalized experience by enabling you to customize the order of your apps; saves scrolling through a bunch of programs you never use and quickly accessing your favorites

If you're a satellite or cable subscriber, your Samsung smart TV can connect to your service without a cable box. Simply download the cable or satellite application available through your provider in the smart store, and enjoy your favorite shows through your Samsung smart TV.

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