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A Guide to Saltwater Fishing Reels

Paired with beautiful ocean views and the prospects of large, hard-fighting fish, it is easy to see why offshore fishing is becoming a destination holiday for so many anglers. One of the most crucial pieces of gear in your tackle is the saltwater fishing reel. The choice in offshore fishing reels can make the difference between landing that big Marlin or going home empty handed.

What are the various types of saltwater fishing reels?

Saltwater fishing reels are divided into three categories:

  • Baitcasting - Often used on rods mounted directly to saltwater fishing boats, baitcasters are very heavy and are designed for large fish species such as sharks, marlins, and tuna. Some are designed for actually casting bait, while others are designed for trolling.
  • Spincasting - Designed for small-sized to medium-sized fish, the spincasting reel is lighter than the baitcasting reel and is mounted on the underside of the fishing rod. This tool often needs an experienced hand as it is very prone to line twisting if the proper technique is not used when landing fish.
  • Spinning - Less advanced than the spincasting class, the spinning reel is often the choice of beginning saltwater anglers. Due to the smaller size and lower line capacity, these reels aren't suitable for deep sea fishing but are quite effective for pier fishing and surf fishing.

How do you choose the correct saltwater reel?

When picking out a saltwater fishing reel, there are several things to consider:

  • What species of saltwater fish are you pursuing? - Larger saltwater fish require larger and heavier reels like baitcasting and trolling reels, while smaller saltwater types are readily landed with smaller saltwater reels.
  • Where do you plan to fish? - Deepwater and bottom fishing requires a fishing reel with more line capacity and heavier build than surf or pier fishing.
  • What is your skill level? - A beginning angler may have trouble with the learning curve of the more advanced reels, leading to lost fish or dampening their enjoyment of saltwater fishing as a sport.

What kinds of saltwater fishing reels does eBay offer?

eBay offers a wide variety of saltwater fishing reels to suit both beginner and experienced fishermen. Here are some categories to choose from:

  • Brand: If you prefer a specific type of brand, eBay offers Abu Garcia, Accurate, Avet, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Okuma, Penn, and Shimano.
  • Reel type: Options are baitcasting, conventional, and spinning.
  • Hand retrieve: You can select your reel based on whether you are left-handed or right-handed.
  • Condition: f you are on a budget, you can consider used options. New options are available, too.

Before you take a load off this Labor Day, ensure you have everything you need to kick back and celebrate the day in style, and shop for deals on saltwater fishing reels, flags, and more. 

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