Sail Your Cares Away on a Sailboat

Theres something so tranquil and peaceful about bobbing on the water on a sailboat. In fact, sailboats themselves are such a powerful image of serenity that youll frequently find them as the subject of paintings, murals, and posters. Enjoy your own freshwater or saltwater ocean getaway experience on a sailboat.

Getting to Know the Sailboat Types

When youre not well-versed in boats, you may think theres just one type of sailboat. However, that couldnt be further from the truth. Discover more about the options you have as you shop for a pre-owned or new Lagoon, Laser, Morgan, or Pearson boat and plan your next sailing trip. There are many types of sailboats to select from and they vary in size and design.

  • Get ready to reach the finish line in a racer. A racer has one objective; to speed through the water as fast as it can in order to reach its destination. Some models can gain speeds as high as 50 miles per hour.
  • A day sailer is a casual boat that isnt meant for overnight accommodations, hence its name. Sometimes sailors consider these small versions of yachts due to their stability, but they are one of the smaller types of boats, some the size of a dinghy.
  • Take a ketch into the water when youre interested in a sailboat that is simple to maneuver and versatile due to three separate sails.
What Are the Hull Types Available?

The hull is defined as the actual body of the boat itself. Therefore, there are numerous materials that companies, such as Tartan, use to create different types of boats and cruisers, and they have benefits and drawbacks depending on your specific sailing needs.

  • A catamaran has two hulls. This creates a sturdy and stable sailing experience.
  • Three hulls make up a trimaran. This creates a bit more flexibility, as you can arrange the sails as you need depending on the wind and other factors in order to create a stable sailing boat.
  • The most common type of hull is the monohull, which is a single hull. While a monohull boat does have advantages, there must be a ballast to keep the boat stable while sailing.
Choosing a Sailboat

Theres a lot to consider when you select a boat. Theres the boat type, such as a schooner or yawl, the construction and type of hull, and the brand and model, such as Hunter, J. Boats, Irwin, or Jeanneau, along with a few other important factors you should weigh before you get ready to go boating.

  • Consider the size of your craft. Sailboats vary in length, with smaller vessels measuring in at under 20 feet up to boats over 28 feet and longer.
  • Select the material of your hull. Some options include wood, which is traditional, fiberglass, for a durable craft, or aluminum for high-performance.
  • Pick a brand and model. There are a variety to select from including makes from Beneteau, Bristol, C&C, and vintage Catalina models. Set sail in a Dufour or Endeavour, or take off on a sailing adventure in a Hobie Cat.

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