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Saab Emblems

The Saab emblem is a badge of honor. However, it can lose its shine due to age or harsh weather. Before you replace the logo on your Saab 9-5 or 9-3, you should know your options.

What is the meaning of the Saab logo?

Saab introduced the mythical creature, the Griffin, in 1949. The idea grew from the official seal of Skane, a Swedish province that held the company’s headquarters. Saab’s original logo featured the head of a bird and the body of a lion. Several acquisitions later, the creature was removed and only the typeface remained on the 9-3 and other models.

  • Saab colors: The original logo featured the redheaded creature wearing a crown of gold. Its profile stands on a blue background with silver letters underneath. The colors represent excellence, elegance, and passion.
  • Saab typeface: A revised version of the Gills Sans font brings attention to the car's distinctive style. With the image of the beast removed, the typeface takes center stage, strengthening the brand’s name.
Where can you place Saab labels?

The symbol is available for the hood, grille, and rear of the car. You will find carbon fiber badges, as well as aluminum hubcap symbols. Most hood emblems for the 9-3 and other Saab models use bolts to secure them to the vehicle. However, a few emblems use clips or adhesive.

  • Trunk and hood emblems: Badges for the hood and trunk may contain carbon fiber or billet aluminum materials. Carbon fiber hood emblems offer a custom look, and billet aluminum badges deliver a shiny appearance.
  • Hub caps and steering wheel: These emblems are made of metal and feature four clips that glide into the center of the steering wheel's horn or tire's rim. A vinyl decal option is also available for the horn.
How do you replace Saab emblems?

Saab labels are easy to remove and install. First, you need to determine the mounting method used to install the emblem on the car. Then, you need a plastic prying tool to remove the bolted emblems on the hood or rear of the vehicle. A blow dryer and string, or thread, will suffice for glued emblems.

  1. Bolted Saab parts require a prying tool. Protect the paint with a piece of cardboard or plastic underneath the tool. Work it carefully around the emblem's edge.
  2. There are two setters to support the badge. Therefore, you may need to apply extra force to free the badge from the grommets.
  3. Clean the area with soapy water, rinse and let dry. Align the pins of with the holes and press the piece firmly on the hood or rear of the car.
  4. For adhesive-backed parts, use a blow dryer to loosen the glue. Pry the emblem with a piece of string.
  5. Remove the old emblem and clean the area, carefully getting rid of any residue. Wipe with rubbing alcohol. Peel the adhesive and put the emblem in the desired spot.
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