STIHL was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, who built the first chainsaw. The company has since expanded to offer many other power and hand tools for home and numerous industries. While they are headquartered in Germany, the company also maintains warehouses, factories, and administration buildings in the states.

What kinds of power tools does STIHL offer?

STIHL has created power tools and chainsaws of various sizes that can be used for many different types of home and industrial tasks.

  • Chainsaws: Built in America, the chain saws offered by STIHL are for both home and industrial use. For home, the company offers a lightweight version that is meant to be easier to hold.
  • Concrete saws: The concrete saws by STIHL can be used to cut deeply into concrete or cut off the edges. Choose from gas or electric powered.
  • Trimmers: Options include gas, electric, or battery-powered trimmers for your home, or you can select from an array of industrial models designed to cut brush.
  • Blowers: As is the case with choosing any other power tools from STIHL, select the features you need in a blower. The backpack model distributes the weight of the blower evenly while the commercial shredder model has a vac bag so you are not leaving debris behind.
What kinds of STIHL hand tools are there?

STIHL has a range of hand tools, including the following:

  • Hand trimmers: Hedge trimmers by STIHL are designed to be lightweight yet razor-sharp enough to cut larger branches.
  • Pocket knives: There are several pocket knife options from the brand, including a simple but sturdy stainless-steel camo knife featuring a liner lock.
  • Carburetor adjusting screwdrivers: When you need to adjust the carburetor on one of your power tools, you'll need a flat, slotted screwdriver made for the job.
Does STIHL make any safety or protective gear?

The type of protective gear you need depends on the task at hand as STIHL does have several safety products.

  • Safety glasses: Safety glasses offer UV protection as well as protection from flying debris. The safety glasses are clear and frameless.
  • Safety helmet: You can get a safety helmet to protect your face and head from branches or other heavy objects that may fall. The helmet comes with a face shield.
  • Chain brake strap band: This is usually a replacement part as every chainsaw needs to have a brake band. Made of metal, the band blocks the chain when activated in order to help prevent accidents.
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