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SEGA Mega Drive Video Game Consoles

Sega Mega Drive consoles for exciting gaming evenings

The Sega Mega Drive consoles are among the classics among gaming consoles and are still very popular with connoisseurs and friends of retro games. With game heroes like Sonic, the Mega Drive, known in North America as Sega Genesis, made a name for itself in the 90s. Today, the console is in demand with collectors and nostalgics. For the perfect match of consoles that offer unlimited gaming fun, check out eBays diverse selection.

What finishes are available?

When buying the Sega Mega Drive consoles, you first need to decide which generation of devices to buy. Available in addition to the original version launched in Europe in 1990, the Sega Mega Drive II is also available. The consoles differ in details: for example, the audio output of the more compact Mega Drive II features stereo sound, while the connection of the Mega Drive I outputs only a mono signal. Otherwise, the range of games on offer is the same for both consoles.

What to consider when buying a Mega Drive?

The Sega Mega Drive has not been manufactured since 1997 and is only available second-hand. You get the consoles individually or in a set with multiple video games and matching game pads. If you want to share sports games and other multiplayer titles with a partner, a second controller should be included with the console. Oftentimes, you can also purchase the Mega Drive game pads individually. When buying a Mega Drive, keep in mind that you will need matching connecting cables to connect to your television set. In part, you will find the consoles including the original box and complete accessories. In addition to the power supply board, an antenna cable for connecting to the TV set is part of the original delivery. If the unit does not come with a connecting cable, eBay provides you with Mega Drive SCART and AV cables, which are also suitable for connecting to the TV.