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SD Gundam

The SD Gundam franchise is a science fiction franchise in Japanese pop culture, with multiple storylines spanning manga, anime, games, and toys. SD or “Super Deformed” Gundam expands the franchise with anthropomorphized and “chibi” versions of the Gundam characters and robots that are suitable for children. If you wish to add to your childs recreational hobby, there are a number of items from which to choose.

What is the SD Gundam franchise?

SD Gundam takes the original “mobile suits” and turns them into anthropomorphized versions. After initially being offered to children, the SD universe was expanded to include characters and robots specific to SD rather than solely reinventing original Gundam characters. The SD Gundam universe now spans manga, anime, toys, models, video games, and RPGs.

What are some of the SD Gundam storylines?

Here is an overview of the various SD Gundam storylines.

  • Mobile Suit SD Gundam: The original anime that used characters and mecha from previous Gundam storylines.
  • Command Gundam: These mecha are military models that are split into land, sea, and air varieties. Their singular planet is based on the United States.
  • Knight Gundam: These mecha are reimagined as knights, sorcerers, and other beings from European fantasy.
  • Musha Gundam: This storyline has mecha that is reimagined as ninjas, samurais, and other figures from feudal Japan. This is the longest-running series.
  • SD Gundam Force: This series combines elements of the Command, Knight, and Musha Gundam lines in one animated series. For this series, the SD stands for “Superior Defender.”
What are some features of SD Gundam model kits?

SD kits are customizable, allowing for parts swapping between models to create variations and hybrids of the characters. They do not necessarily adhere to realistic depictions, which allows users to exercise their imagination. These modified mechas are often used by children who go on to share images of their customizations and swap tips and ideas. Bandai, the company that makes the kits, offers a monthly contest for the most notable customization. The SDX and SD Ex-Standard continue the customization possibilities, but with action figures.

Are SD Gundam collectible?

With decades worth of storylines and related merchandise, the SD Gundam franchise has a worldwide fanbase. Most items are collectible, and fans often trade ideas for customizing their models, video game tips and codes, and fan fiction stories related to the various storylines. SD Gundam merchandise not only allows buyers to play with their Gundam character, it also provides a means to connect with other fans in the community.

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