Hand tools and power tools, cordless and otherwise, allow you to deal with things as diverse as hanging a painting or fabricating a car door. Ryobi carries a large line of hand tools, power tools, kits, and accessories to handle many situations.

What types of tools does Ryobi offer?

Ryobi has an extensive line of drills and drivers that can accommodate a variety of needs.

  • Cordless: There are Ryobi cordless models that range from 4V to 18V, giving the user versatility to match their specific needs. These portable tools use Ryobi's patented battery technology that allows them to run for up to 12 hours between charges. They can also have LED lights that illuminate the workspace, a magnetic tray to store screw or bits, and rubber grips.
  • Corded: Ryobi’s corded models are similar to their cordless counterparts, but they are able to generate more power and torque for drilling. There are hammer models that add rhythmic pounding, angled models, and drill presses.
What kind of saws are available from Ryobi?

Ryobi has a diverse selection of saws for cutting through wood, plastic, metal, and glass. They have band, circular, table, jig, miter, reciprocating, and other saws that come in either 18V cordless or corded electric models. Saws can be equipped with a variety of different blades and may have LED lights, magnetic trays, and rubber grips. The Ryobi cordless models make use of the same style battery the other power tools do.

What other products does Ryobi tools offer?

In addition to the above tools that Ryobi offers, they also have a large line of gardening and landscaping tools.

  • Chain saws. Ryobi has chain saws that come in 14-inch to 20-inch models. There are gas and battery-powered versions of the chain saw, and they feature rubber grips, safety shields, front guards, and automatic cutoff switches. They also have automatic oilers to keep the chain lubed, a pop-off air filter cover, and heavy-duty carrying case.
  • Mowers. For keeping the grass trimmed, Ryobi has electric push and riding mowers. There are corded and cordless battery versions; the battery versions last up to two hours between charges. Riding mowers have LED lights to illuminate your surroundings, and the lights can be plugged into any standard USB port for charging.
  • Trimmers. Ryobi also has tree and hedge trimmers available. They come in corded and cordless models with safety shields, rubber grips, and USB-charging capabilities.
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