Find Rare and Historic Russian and Soviet Union Stamps on eBay

The history of the Russian postal service dates to the 16th century. However, it was not until 1857 that the authorities started publishing stamps in large numbers. You can find a lot of new and rare Russian stamps on eBay.

Periods of stamp publication

Publishing of Russian and the Soviet Union stamps can be divided into four distinct phases. The first phase constituted the Russian empire as it officially published the first stamp in 1857. The second phase includes stamps from the Soviet Union. The third phase of the Russian Federation spans only a few years while the last phase is the period after the breakup of the USSR. There are used Russian stamps on eBay from each of these distinct periods.

What are some different themes of Russian postage stamps?

Russian stamps offer various themes to celebrate its nationalistic ideas. Some of the most important themes in the last era include commemorating the accomplishment of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Similarly, achievements in science, agriculture, culture, and industry are also among the most inspired themes. These themes particularly addressed the success of the Soviet revolution and its impact on Russian society in the 20th century. Similarly, rare stamps were offered to celebrate various anniversaries of the Soviet Union.

It is often thought that numerous stamps representing the important aspects of Communist parties of the USSR also played an important role in determining the character of Soviet postage in the 19th and 20th centuries. The results were achieved by dictating stamps to numerous well-known party leaders both living and deceased. Another effective method of promotion was placing the party slogans and resolutions on the stamps.

Slogans and resolutions

If you want a stamp full of character, look out for detailed inscriptions and resolutions on individual stamps. Historic Russian stamps are distinct from stamps of other nations because they emphasize economic reforms.

In the 1920s, many stamps depicting slogans of new economic policy were printed. Stamps from the era are considered a landmark in the publication of stamps since they provided subsequent governments and rulers to use postage stamps as an effective method to endorse nationalistic, patriotic, and political ideas.

Stamps with lengthy inscriptions from the Joseph Stalin era reflect efforts of the leader to inspire the nation towards industrialization. Rare stamps include inscriptions of tractors, farmworkers, and the industry that had lengthy slogans for motivation.

After the 1960s, the emphasis was on reconstruction and mobilization. These stamps asked for workers to increase productivity and dedicate their lives to increase economic output. Stamps in the 1970s also included very detailed inscriptions of the goals that explained the motive of Society's political parties. You can find such valuable Russian stamps on eBay.