Targeting Ruger 10 22 10 Round Magazine Shopping Tips on the Firing Range

Since 1949, the widely known Sturm, Ruger & Company has provided superior firearms. Look below for helpful hints in finding the perfect new or preowned Ruger 10 22 10 round magazine for your needs. The Ruger 10/22 weapon lends itself to wide modification, so you'll want to choose the correct magazine if you desire to configure to a bullpup, M1 carbine, Thompson submachine, FN P90, or AR-15.

How do you select the right Ruger 10RD magazine?

When you're searching on eBay for an affordable 10/22 magazine 10-round capacity to keep your weapon in tip-top condition, here are some tips to help you select a Ruger 10RD magazine:

  • First, decide on the right magazine for your weapon whether it's a carbine, take down, take down lite, target, target lite, compact, sporter, or tactical semi-automatic rifle. Your Ruger 10 22 10RD magazine fits each weapon since the success of this rimfire rifle design.
  • Next, choose a single pack 10 round 22LR magazine or a value pack, which is typically sold in groups of three. A single pack allows you to try out an opaque composite magazine or a clear one that permits viewing of the remaining number of rounds before committing to purchase of a larger amount.
  • Finally, consider the end use of the magazine and whether you are training students, target shooting at a firing range, engaged in tactical action in the field, or hunting wild game.
How many rounds come in a Ruger 10/22 magazine?

Since the typical rotary magazine contains 10 rounds, you may consider this number the standard. For other purposes, select the single round magazines for training, the 5-round magazine for the requirements of certain states or countries, or the curved 25-round box magazine with a composite frame and metal feed lips.

Are there larger round capacity magazines for the Ruger 10/22?

Yes, there are. After market magazines include the 25, 30, and 50-round box magazines. The teardrop shaped magazines contain 50 rounds, and the drum magazines may contain 50 or 110 rounds.

Other kinds of weapons the rotary Ruger 10 round magazine fit into

The versatile rotary magazine sees action in the semi-automatic rifle as well as the bolt-action American Rimfire and the "Summit" toggle-action rifles. The 10 22 Magnum model requires a specialized magazine other than the standard 10/22 rotary magazines and the 0.22 short, long, or long rifle ammunition.

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