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Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers

Egg coddlers are small earthenware or porcelain kitchen accessories used to make coddled eggs, and those made with the Royal Worcester stamp are popular. Although there's no record of when these devices first appeared, the famed Royal Worcester company began their production of them in the 1880's at Grainger's China Works in England. Today, they are a collector's item, and there are coddlers available from all eras to suit the collector's passion.

Which Sizes of Egg Coddlers Are There?

Royal Worcester egg coddlers come in over 100 different designs, serving the practical purpose of cooking an egg but also an aesthetic purpose thanks to their delicate patterns. You can easily categorize them intotheir size, with the company increasing their capacity as production went on.

  • Standard: This was designed to hold just a single egg and stands around 3.5 inches tall with the lid and lifting ring on; however, this size is no longer in production.
  • King: Measuring in at 4 inches from the top to bottom, these were for preparing two eggs at a time. This is the only size that Royal Worcester still makes.
  • Maxime: These were large enough to prepare a small meal or two eggs or more, and measured 5 and 1/4 inches tall.
  • Jumbo: Released to replace the Maxime, the Jumbo coddler was 4 and 3/4 tall with the lid on, but had the same height at the Maxime when the lid was off, being able to hold more than two eggs at a time.

Which Era Do They Come From?

Finding which era the coddler came from is usually as easy as looking at the stamp on the base; however some are difficult to date due to their small size. There are a few distinct eras in Worcester egg coddler production, though.

  • 1880 - 1910: The earliest coddlers were earthenware and made plain white or decorated only with a single color.
  • 1910 - 1928: During this period, they were known as Premier Egg Cups, due to their associations with high class.
  • 1931: This is when the company began using Fireproof Cooking Porcelain to make the coddlers.
  • 1991 - onward: The more modern style of coddler in King size with marks to show the exact date it came out.

How Do You Use A Royal Worcester Egg Coddler?

Although the name "egg" coddler might imply they have one use only, Royal Worcester designed these kitchen accessories for so much more. Simply place the ingredients in, put the lid on, and ease into the boiling water.

  • Coddled eggs: made with cream, water, butter, egg, and then simmered, this is the most common use for them with results similar to a soft-boiled egg.
  • Small meals: egg coddlers were used to heat up small meals like stews and soup for single servings on their non-stick surface, or as a pair to serve more.
  • Dips and sauces: a few ingredients in your Royal Worcester egg holder can make dips, sauces, and desserts.

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