Decorate Your Home With the Royal Doulton Collection

While Royal Doulton got started by making sewer pipes and other types of utilitarian pipes, in the 1880s, the company turned its collection to making home decorations in salt-glazed styles. From that humble beginning, you can find a variety of Royal Doulton collectibles for sale that will make perfect additions to your living space. Shopping on eBay makes it easy to find all types of Royal Doulton collectibles.

Types of Royal Doulton collectibles

You can find many types of Royal Doulton collectibles, including:

  • Mugs - Decorative mugs, called Toby and character jugs, often feature faces. These mugs sold from 1930 to 2011, and you can also find cute mugs with sayings on them from the company in 2019.
  • Children's dishes - These dishes, like the company's Bunnykins line, are often hand-painted to commemorate special events in your child's life.
  • Figurines - You may choose to collect within one line, like the company's Merry Musicians that show boys playing various instruments or its anthropomorphic animals.
  • Architectural terracotta - You may also find pieces of architectural terracotta used to decorate many buildings when you shop for Royal Doulton for sale on eBay.
  • Vases - Many different types of vases were made by the company starting in about 1860.
Types of vases made by Royal Doulton

You can find many types of Royal Doulton vases on eBay, including:

  • Plaster ware - Also called chalk ware, this technique is very similar to plaster of Paris.
  • Earthenware - A glaze is used to make this clay impervious to liquids. The company made many earthenware pieces that they applied a lead-based cream-colored glaze before further decorating it. Other pieces, like in the Chine collection, were textured with fabric that burned away in the kiln.
  • Stoneware - This opaque clay is impermeable and partly vitrified. The companies Impasto and Silicon collections were stoneware pieces further decorated with color clay. Other pieces, like found in the Carrara collection were further decorated with architectural terra cotta.
  • Mable clay - Many vases, like in the Marquetry collection, were put together with marbled clay in a checkerboard fashion before being further decorated.
What were some early Royal Doulton figurines?

Royal Doulton started making its collectible figurines in 1913, and they made more than 5,700 different options. You may be able to find its first figurine, called The Darlin. It depicts a child dressed in a long white nightgown. This figurine designed by Charles Vyse was discontinued in 1923. Vise made two other figurines for the company in the same year. The second figurine depicts Elizabeth Fry, who was a social activist. This figurine was made in at least two different sizes. The other figurine designed by Vise during 1913 is called The Dunce. It showcases a little child in a long white robe and a dunce cap.

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