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What You Need to Know About Collecting Royal Doulton Toby Jugs

Royal Doulton is a company known for its figurines and fine china, but it is also famous for its Toby Jugs. The Toby Jug is a character jug named after a character in an old tavern song called Toby Philpot. While many people have made Toby Jugs since the 18th century, Royal Doulton's are coveted by collectors, and many of them can be found at affordable prices on eBay.

How can you identify Royal Doulton Toby Mugs?

Royal Doulton mugs are made to stand out from other Toby Jug makers. They all carry the signature Royal Doulton stamp on the bottom, which has a lion and crown crest. There will also be one or more registration marks under the crest. The name of the character is molded on the back of the jug. Royal Doulton made jugs in several sizes, but they were most commonly made 5 ¼ to 7 inches tall, 3 ¼ to 4 inches tall, and 2 ¼ x 2 ½ inches tall.

Are there special Royal Doulton character mugs that have been created?

Oftentimes Toby Mugs depict fictional characters that an artist created. Still, Royal Doulton has done a Toby Jug series of notable figures. For instance, in 1933 Royal Doulton commissioned artist Charles Noke to create a series of mugs based on famous historical or literary figures. Some of the most notable Toby Jugs that feature famous characters include:

  • Phantom of the Opera (1995): This Toby Jug was created by artist David Biggs, and only 2,500 were ever made.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (2008): Only 100 of these Toby jugs were ever made. The artwork was created by Caroline Dadd.
  • Beatles Sergeant Pepper Set (1984-1991): Released in limited numbers, this series was created by Stanley J. and is sought after by Toby Jug and Beatles collectors.
  • Winston Churchill (1992): This was Jug of the Year in 1992 and was created by Stanley James Taylor.
  • King Arthur (1996): Modeled by Robert Tabennor, only 1,500 of these were ever released.
Items that increase Royal Doulton Toby Mug's value

When collecting Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, there are some items you want to look for before purchasing as they increase the value of the mug over time. If the original box is included with the Toby Jug, then this increases the value. Also, Toby Jugs come with a certificate of authenticity that states the artist's name, the number of the mugs made, and what number in the series the mug purchased is. This certificate increases the value of the mug as well.

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