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What Do You Need in a Power Amplifier?

There's much to think about when you are setting up your ideal home audio system. While a receiver may have modern technology, it could lack the power that you need to get rich, loud sound in a large room or living space. Adding a Rotel power amplifier to your home theater stereo gives you the quality sound that you need that your receiver doesn't provide by itself.

How Do I Choose a Power Amplifier?

  • Match amps to speakers: A rule of thumb to follow when matching a power amp to a PA speaker setup, is to find an amp that delivers power double what your speaker's program rating is. A 700-watt producing speaker into an 8-Ohm load is suitable for a speaker with a power rating of 700 watts. Make sure you have matching USB input, digital input, phono input, or analog input.
  • Understand about ohms: Having the right amplifier that matches the ohm level of the speakers is key for getting optimum sound. If this is out of balance, then the power level will either be too much or too little. Too much power getting in to your amp can damage it.
  • Use an amp with extra headroom: Ensuring that your speakers only get a clean undistorted signal can be done by using an amp with extra headroom. Headroom refers to the difference between the maximum level an amp can pass without distorting and its normal operating level. Without enough headroom in your amp, you'll find that there will be distortion since music has wide variations of dynamic range.

What are Some of the Models I Can Find?

A couple of the amplifiers that you can find from Rotel include:

  • RAP-1580: This model is a multi-channel integrated amplifier. It has the latest HDMI hardware along with Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 processing.
  • RB-1572: This is a two-channel amp has 2x 250 watts of power and you can use it with the RMB-1575 model to expand your home theater into a 7.1 system.
  • RMB-1506: This is a multi-channel Hi-Fi amplifier that features 6 by 50 watts per channel. It is ideal for those with a limited number of area to fill with music.
  • RB-1070: This stereo amplifier has a high capacity power supply and an oversized toroidal transformer.

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