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Rotary Lasers for Accurate Readings in the Field

Rotary lasers can be used to take accurate readings in the field. These useful tools can be used in many weather conditions, and there are plenty of options to choose from on eBay.

What are some common rotary laser brands?

Here is a list of some prolific producers of laser levels:

  • Topcon: Topcon is a common manufacturer of these self-leveling devices. Laser levels made by this brand usually have yellow bodies with gray handles.
  • DeWalt: Laser levels made by DeWalt often have yellow bodies with black trim. They usually come with carrying cases.
  • Bosch: In stark contrast to the aesthetics of other brands, auto-leveling lasers by Bosch usually have turquoise blue bodies with black handles.
What are some common accessories for these self-leveling lasers?

Some lasers you can find on eBay may come with special accessories that can make it easier to take accurate readings or protect yourself from laser light. Some of these accessories include:

  • Tripods: These accessories are must-haves for optimal laser functionality. They can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical accuracy, and they allow your leveling beam to shine out over the landscape.
  • Grade rods: These rods are used to determine elevation, and they can be used to help you direct the position of your laser.
  • Red laser glasses: These special glasses are used to protect your eyes while you adjust your laser. They feature a red tint to cancel out the laser's red light.
  • Carrying case: Carrying cases make it easy to keep all of your accessories together. They generally have compartments for tripods, grade rods, and other accessories.
How do you pick a rotary laser?

These lasers are often components of complete systems. In order to use them, you will need to have all of the corresponding parts. As you sort through the options found on eBay, you'll need to determine if you have all of the parts you need. If not, you might want to select a laser kit that contains the necessary accessories. Also, if you already have corresponding parts made by a certain company, you may want to search eBay for a laser by the same company to ensure compatibility.

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