Buying and Collecting Beautiful Romanian Stamps

Since 1858, Romania has produced postage stamps that can serve as beautiful representations of its culture, art, and history over the decades. Though stamp collecting is often stereotyped as an expensive hobby, there are thousands of affordable Romanian stamps with which to fall in love.

Representing the Culture and History of Posta Romana Cluj

The Romanian postal service has a history extending back before the establishment of Romania's present day borders. Early Romina stamps, known as the "Bull's Heads," were actually issued by Moldovia and Wallachia three years before they would unite to become Romania.

These valuable stamps feature symbols first of Moldovia and then of both principalities, a reflection on their history. That history can guide your buying process. What part of Romania's history is most fascinating or important to you? Particularly with Romanian stamps, a well-curated stamp collection can reflect it.

The appearance of stamps in what is now Romania are a product of the principalities' postal reform. This was a major cultural shift, commemorated by the first stamps of the time that revolutionized Romanian communication.

Stamps from Romania from 1858 onward are a valuable and beautiful key to its history. Find any from 1896 and you're holding a piece of the trade history between Constanta and then-Constantinople. 1903 stamps feature artistic designs commemorating the Bucharest post office. Searching by year or topic can yield fantastic historical additions to your collection.

Use the left sidebar to filter by topic. This can narrow your search to historical stamps, but Romania has stamps with a wide range of other significant themes to explore. Nature, the architecture of Romania, the 1960 Olympics, royalty, and technology are all themes of stamps from Romania that reflect its culture.

Which Stamps Add the Most Value to My Collection?

Some collectors look for personal, artistic, or sentimental value alone. These are the stamps that speak to you. If this is what you're after, using Ebay's filtration tools to search for stamps in good condition may help you find high artistic value while including poorer condition items will help you find affordable versions of the same stamps from Romania. Stamps also have a monetary value.

To collect for optimum monetary value, look for:

  • Historical significance or rarity. These two factors are part of why the Bull's Head stamps remain some of the most highly valued stamps from Romania.
  • Peak condition. Use the filtration tools to select Mint Never Used/MNH for the highest condition standard on Ebay for stamps from Romania.

Do I Need To Search on Romania?

Ebay's full selection of Romanian stamps is available no matter in what language or country you search with few exceptions based on shipping limitations. These shipping limitations are based on your physical location, however, and remain in place no matter whether you browse Ebay in Romania or elsewhere. Different or special domain names like or ebay.romania are unnecessary to browse the Romanian stamp selection.

Check each individual listing to ensure that the item you prefer will ship to your country.