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Step Back in History by Creating a Roman Antiquities Collection

Roman antiquities come from the fall of the Roman Empire to the discovery of America in 1476. Despite being so long ago, you can find many types of ancient Roman artifacts on eBay that may make perfect additions to your Roman antiquities collection. You may also find Roman artifacts that make perfect gifts for someone you love.

Types of Roman antiquities for sale

There are many types of Roman antiquities for sale on eBay that you might want to collect, including:

  • Rings - Medieval rings, ancient Roman rings, Legionarie's rings, Roman Republic rings, and rings from other periods may be available.
  • Coins - Gold aureus, silver denarius, bronze sestertius, bronze dupondius, and copper as may be available with many showing images of ancient mythological figures.
  • Pottery - Fine ware and coarse ware may both be available.
  • Statues - Many different statues and statue fragments showing gods, mythological figures, and other things may be available.
  • Weapons - Pugios, gladius, spathas, spears, javelins, and other types of weapons may be found.
What glass patterns are seen in ancient Roman artifacts?

Roman glassmakers used a variety of techniques to make different glass patterns, including:

  • Floral (millefiori) and spiral patterns - Rods of different colored glass were molded together. Then, cross pieces were cut to make spiral and floral patterns.
  • Marbled and dappled patterns - Hot glass was manipulated during the slumping process to make these patterns.
  • Lace patterns - Threads of a different color were woven into hot glass as it began to cool.
  • Striped patterns - Monochromatic and lace pieces were fused together to make striped patterns.
What gods were portrayed on ancient Roman coins?

The images of many different gods appear on ancient Roman coins, including:

  • Jupiter - Many ancient Roman coins show the sky god Jupiter by showing his thunderbolt and eagle properties on them.
  • Mars - This ancient god of war is shown on many coins. These coins were often produced during Claudius II's reign.
  • Felicitas - This ancient god of good luck appears on many ancient Roman coins, especially those made during Hadrian's reign.
  • Juno - During the reign of Julia Mamaea, Juno, the goddess of the Roman government, appeared on many coins.
  • Venus - The love goddess Venus appeared on coins during the reign of Crispina.
Subject matter of Roman antiquities paintings

There are many different subject matters portrayed in paintings from before 1479. Landscape paintings show surface textures, shading, and coloration of both urban buildings and gardens. Fruit, live and dead animals, seafood, and shells were often the subject matter of still life paintings. When shopping for Roman artifacts for sale on eBay, you may see portraits painted on wooden panels, glass, and medals.

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