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Choosing Roll Film Backs for Mamiya Cameras

Photo holders are dark, enclosing devices that are used for storing film before it is exposed. The holders are attached to the back of the camera. Roll film holders have rollers that keep the film pressed towards the film gate.

What is a film back holder?

These holders keep one or more photographic sheets inside for Mamiya cameras. Roll film holders adapt roll film to photographic paper. They can be switched quickly when you are filming on the go, so if you're capturing action shots you don't have to slow down. With them, you can preload multiple rolls of photo sheets. The photos can be scanned beforehand with the holder. The different sizes produced for them are:

  • 4 by 5 centimeters
  • 6 by 4.5 centimeters
  • 6 by 7 centimeters
  • 6 by 8 centimeters
  • 6 by 9 centimeters
  • 6 by 12 centimeters
  • 6 by 17 centimeters
What models do the holders serve?

The holders are made for Mamiya cameras that are medium-format models. The numbers of the models are written out in the product name:

  • RB67 Series
  • RZ67 Series
  • 645 Series
What are the different film holders?

Different holders are:

  • Multi-sheet holder: This device can hold more than two sheets.
  • Pack holder: These can be loaded in ambient light.
  • Preloaded system: The holder can be loaded in daylight.
How do you use the film back holder?

The film back holder has to first be mounted on the camera. Remove the rear cap of the body. Hold the roll film holder so that the couplers hook to the mounting bracket of the body. Push the upper part of the holder against the body until it clicks. Make sure that the hook holds. To detach the holder, pull the dark slide from the storage slot and insert it into the dark slide marked with the white lines. Push the holder lock release button in while you slide the detach button downward. You can then remove the holder form the body.

To install the roll film, open the holder back cover by pressing down on the back cover lock button. Press on both sides of the attaching release to insert the roll film into the holder. When the roll is inside, the release will click and lock the roll inside. Close the back cover.

What are different features on the holders?

Different elements of the holders are:

  • Memo clip: Used to keep a paper with personal notes.
  • Film speed dial: This dial reminds of the light sensitivity of the sheets being used, and it controls the amount of light coming into the sheets.
  • Film counter window: Shows the number of photos that have gone by.
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