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All You Need to Know to Buy Rolex Watch Dials on eBay

Rolex offers an inordinate number of watch dials to customize its world-renowned, industry-leading watches. The dial you choose for your Rolex watch makes a bold statement about your style, personality, and taste. Learn about the types and features of Rolex watch dials available on eBay and how to pick the right one for you.

Types of new and preowned Rolex watch dials

There is a wide variety of Rolex dials to choose from, each with its own distinctive combination of styles, colors, and materials. Standard Rolex watch dials are composed of brass and available in a wide selection of colors. Some standard dials feature laser etching in crosshatch, striped, quadrant, or other patterns. Other types of Rolex watch faces for sale include the following:

  • Gem-set
  • Mother-of-pearl
  • Concentric
  • Logo
  • Hard stone
Other key features of reasonably priced Rolex dials for sale

In addition to the basic design of the Rolex face for sale itself, you also need to decide on the index and hand styles of the Rolex dial you want on your watch. Indexing is how the gradations of time are indicated on the watch. On most standard watch faces, this is done with either Arabic or Roman numerals. Other Rolex watch faces for sale, however, may use stick, baton, dagger, or round indexes. The hands on the watch that point to these indexes to show the current time can also vary. The following are the different types of hand indexes you have to choose from in Rolex watch dials for sale:

  • 24-hour hand
  • Alpha
  • Baton
  • Dauphine
  • Lightning bolt
  • Mercedes
Are there specialty Rolex dials for sale to consider?

Yes. In addition to all the varieties of a standard Rolex dial for sale on eBay, you can choose from several specialty options, including these watch face designs that incorporate styles and features mentioned above.

  • Luminescent dials - Some new and used Rolex watch faces have indexes, hands, and/or other elements that light up for easy viewing in the dark.
  • Rolex sports dials - Rolex dials for watches made for serious athletes include gilt, matte, and gloss faces.
  • Vintage Rolex dials - Older Rolex watch faces often have a patina to the color of the face produced by time and aging or long-term exposure to sunlight. Often, these produce wildly original and attractive color tints, shadings, and patterns that give rise to names like "tropical Rolex dials" and "spider Rolex dials."
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