Rolex President Bands

Find Replacement Bands for Your Rolex President Watch

Rolex started making watches in 1905, and the Rolex President is one of their signature designs. If you own one of these watches, but your band is worn or damaged, eBay has plenty of new and used replacement Rolex President bands to choose from. Let's have a look at what you're likely to see in these replacements.

What are the features of Rolex President bands?

Here are some of the principal features of these replacement bands:

  • Composition: You can find replacement bands made of solid 18k gold; stainless steel, sometimes combined with gold plate; or leather.
  • Width: Rolex President bands may be 19mm or 20mm wide.
  • Link type: The links in a Rolex President band consist of three components: a central piece and two others surrounding it, with places to attach additional links on either side.
Finding solid gold Rolex President bands

Checking the price is one easy way to distinguish solid gold bands from gold-plated or gold-toned ones made of other metals. True gold bands are often pricey; however, used solid gold Rolex President bands can be less expensive than new ones. Some eBay listings include the Best Offer feature that allows you to negotiate for a lower price.

Add-ons for your Rolex President bands

In addition to the bands themselves, eBay has a few add-ons. See the manufacturer site for sizing details.

  • Buckle clasps: Most of the time, Rolex President bands come with the buckle clasps included, but just in case, you can also buy them separately. The clasps are plated with 18-karat gold to match the watch itself. The proper size that you will need is 16 millimeters.
  • Spring bars: These can be fitted into the lug of your watch to attach your band to the case. These are also included with the band, though you can purchase them separately as well. They are made of stainless steel but are plated with gold to match the rest of the Rolex President. They come in various sizes, but you will need 20-millimeter lugs, since the Rolex President's lug width is 20 millimeters.
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