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Answers to Your Questions About the Refurbished Roku Media Streamer

Purchasing a refurbished Roku media streaming device allows you to have unlimited media streaming options with just a few clicks. With this simple-to-use device, you can view all of the movies, television shows, and media content you like. The refurbished Roku premiere plus device can be ideal for 4K television owners, with four times the resolution of 1080p TVs.

Is it possible to customize the channels on Roku devices?

Purchasing a refurbished Roku TV puts the power of entertainment right at your fingertips, with tons of both free and paid subscriptions. Roku has made it easier than ever to add your favorite channels to your lineup. With the refurbished Roku Ultra, you will simply need to access the Roku Channel Store. The story is super user-friendly and there is a search bar for your convenience. To add a free channel, you will simply need to select "Add Channel" and the channel will be added. If the channel you want to add is a subscription-based channel, you will need to purchase your subscription and then install the channel. Roku allows you to watch all of the popular streaming services, including the following:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Go
  • Amazon Video
  • YouTube
Are Roku devices compatible with older televisions?

Roku 1 and Roku 2 both have options that allow the device to connect via A/V cables, which is what an older television would require. All of the newer Roku devices, such as the Roku express, are geared toward 1080p televisions. If a television does not have an HDMI port, a Roku 1 or 2 should be purchased. The following are some of the models Roku offers.

  • Roku Stick
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premier
  • Roku Streaming Stick
Which Roku is right for you?

One of the first things you will need to decide on is whether you will purchase the Roku refurbished versus new. The refurbished Roku 3 gives you all of the benefits of a brand new unit, with the savings of a Roku 3 discount. The Roku device you choose will depend on your television. eBay offers an extensive array of Roku devices, including Roku software. It is important you check the specs to ensure you are able to make the best choice. The benefits of purchasing your Roku refurbished on eBay include the following.

  • Ease of purchase
  • Affordable prices
  • Large selection
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