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Rokenbok Building Toys

Rokenbok toys are designed for children who enjoy playing with building blocks and creating wild designs. They can be used to craft a variety of items, and the remote controller allows the child to actually drive his or her machine. There are plenty of different ROK and Rock building models that are designed for a child or even an adult to play with and enjoy.

What are ROK construction toys?

ROK, or Rock, construction toys are created by Rokenbok to get a child actively building many types of models. Each set comes with a plethora of materials in plenty of shapes and sizes. These items can be used to craft specific vehicles or tools, or Rokenbok sets can be used to create whatever vehicles or robots a child's imagination can conceive.

Like with other building toys, Rokenbok come in a variety of different sets. Each can be combined with pieces from another Rock or ROK set to build even larger models. You can also play with these constructions as a remote-controlled vehicle. They include motors and mechanized parts that can be engineered to create a fully operational and powered control system.

How do Rokenbok models work?

When a child builds a complete Rokenbok toy, they can use the remote to drive it around the room. Each toy comes with motors, gears, and wheels designed for each set. In some cases, you can build Rokenbok models with propellers for flight. Others have video systems that can be installed to capture footage. This video can then be uploaded and viewed on a computer.

How can these items be used in an educational way?

The design of these toys makes them easy to use in many educational settings. For example, they can be used in elementary school both in class and for playtime. Each construction set comes with complete building instructions that help students craft a model. Playing with these blocks teaches children how to think ahead when building, and they can show a child how basic machines and engineering techniques work.

These building blocks could even be useful in a high school setting. Robotics classes and those focusing on engineering can employ these toys for fun projects. Students can experiment with these blocks for the construction of a broader array of motorized designs.

Mobile STEM sets are particularly useful because they include an array of blocks and motor parts that can be swapped to create entirely new machines. They help students learn early engineering processes in a constructive way.

What types of Rokenbok models are available?

There are several different options of Rockenbok to consider, such as:

  • ROK Works Construction and Action Set
  • Craft-tastic Inventor's Box
  • Rock Monorail Start Set
  • Get ROK'n Young Builder and Action Set
  • Maker ROK Robotics Start Set
  • Rock Radio Control Start Set
  • Rock RC Classic Transgripper Vehicle Start Set
  • Maker Series - Young Engineer Start Set
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