Robert Bateman Art Prints

Robert Bateman Art Prints

Usher natures splendor and the winsome beauty of wildlife into your home with Robert Bateman artwork on your wall, or settle on one of his early abstract pieces that provoke thought. Shop the selection of art prints to find a subject in its natural world that calls to your heart, such as the majestic bald eagle in Along the Coast, snow geese flying in Across the Sky, the white wolf in the chilly Arctic Evening, as well as the magnificent, gallery-framed and limited edition Black-Tailed Deer in the Olympics.

Who is Robert Bateman?

Born in 1930, celebrated Canadian artist and naturalist Robert Bateman is a well-known figure in the art and conservation worlds. His skillfully rendered paintings and art reflect and capture for posterity his love of art, wildlife, nature, and the planet Earth. Although Robert Bateman started with sketching, and traversed abstraction, cubism, expressionism, and impressionism styles in his earlier paintings, it was when he settled on the realism style that his uncanny depictions of the world of nature garnered him worldwide acclaim. An Officer of the Order of Canada, Robert Bateman, OC has notable achievements under his belt that include multiple honorary doctorates; specially-commissioned paintings for personages such as Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and HRH Prince Philip; and one-man exhibitions at the Tryon Gallery in London, U.K., the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., United States, and the Russia State Museum in St. Petersburg.

How Do I Determine the Value of My Robert Bateman Art Prints?

Originality and scarcity usually determine the value of Robert Bateman art or reproduction prints.

  • Original paintings are works produced directly by the hand of the artist, in this case, Robert Bateman. They are usually acrylic oil on canvas works that are highly valued with an investment to match.
  • Batemans reproductions are copies of his original artwork, usually produced by taking a photo of the original and then printing copies or impressions.
  • Limited edition prints are reproductions produced in a finite number to maintain the quality of the reproductions and sometimes boost demand for the art. They are usually numbered, then signed by Robert Bateman to show that they meet his expectations, such as his Arctic Family of polar bears. Numbered and signed limited edition prints also have a high market value because there will be no further copies made. Keep in mind that numbered limited edition canvas prints have a greater value than limited edition paper prints.

Robert Bateman Art Print Qualities To Consider

The type of print technology used to make artist Robert Bateman prints or reproductions determines how well it represents his original art and colors, and also its durability. The most common are:

  • Giclee: These are high-quality prints made with archival-grade substrates that offer superior color and detail reproduction. Under optimal indoor conditions, giclee canvases, such as Robert Batemans Antarctic Evening humpback whales giclee canvas or the red-crowned cranes in his Cries of Courtship canvas may last a century or two without fading.
  • Lithographs: Artists print lithographs from a single plate pressed onto a paper surface, such as Robert Batemans original lithograph of the bald eagles Approach or the original lithograph The Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin that used five glorious colors. Though they are cheaper per print for large volumes and artists can produce them quickly, they do not have the same degree of color reproduction as the giclee. With good care, Bateman original lithographs last about three decades before they start to fade.

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