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Road Racing Bikes

Important Facts About Road Racing Bikes

The question of how to pick the right road bike creates discussion among bikers and non-bikers alike; some riders value ride quality, others value craftsmanship, and others value the brand above all else. While road-racing bikes are suited for long-distance riding and racing, they also make indispensable additions to any active lifestyle.

What type of road bikes are there?

There are many new and pre-owned road bike options available for you to choose from on eBay, such as:

  • Race bikes - Lightweight and stripped down best characterize these bikes. They are designed for speed rather than comfort and would not suit touring and steep-terrain usage.
  • Sportive bikes - They are uniquely built for endurance rather than speed, offering lightness and comfort. The geometry of the frame and disc brakes provides more comfort. This comfortable race bike is best for long-distance hill riding.
  • Aero bikes - These are a modification of time-trial bikes and retain the aero advantages but are suited to high speeds. The carbon frames geometry makes these bikes just as fast as time-trial bikes.
  • Commuter bikes - These workhorse bikes are built with comfort and durability in mind. They have flat or drop bars, disc brakes, and theyre good for daily use.
  • Touring bikes - Made for touring, they are comfortable and built to last from the wheels to the frame.
  • Time-trial bikes - Packed with aerodynamic features, these are good for cheating the wind and running against the clock.
What frame materials are available?

You can find quality, affordable bikes made out of all types of frame materials. The most common materials used are steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium. The real concern is finding a bike that fits, rides, and handles the ways that you like, regardless of the frame material picked. Here are some general characteristics of the common materials:

  • Aluminum - Lively, shiny, modern look, durable, corrosion-free, light, and affordable
  • Carbon - High-tech appearance, durable, corrosion-resistant, a bit more expensive but lightweight
  • Steel - Durable, fairly light, and easy to repair, but can become corroded
  • Titanium - Varying looks, corrosion-free, durable, and light.
How do you determine what bike size you need?

To find your best fit, measure your inseam. For a road cycle, your bottom, when youre standing straight-legged, should clear the top bar by 1 to 1.5 inches with your shoes on. Another critical dimension is the seat to the handlebar. If this distance fits your comfort, the bicycle is a great fit.

What other factors should you consider when purchasing a bike?

When selecting a new or pre-owned road racing bike on eBay, there are additional factors you should consider. These are:

  • Wheel size: Larger or smaller wheel sizes will make a difference when you ride your bicycle. Options on eBay include 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 700C.
  • Brand: It goes without saying that different companies produce different kinds of bikes. Some choices are Cannondale, Diamondback, Giant, Stradalli cycle, and Trek.
  • Condition: You can find new and used road racing bikes. eBay has a variety of price ranges for both new and vintage bikes.