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Use Road Mice to Customize Your Computer Interface

The Road Mice company produces wireless mouse technology in the form of cars, such as the Mustang, Viper, and Camaro. You can connect the mouse of your choice to your computer interface using wireless connectivity instead of cords. Understanding how these mice work, what options are available to you, and some of their common features may help you choose the device that suits both your needs and sense of style.

How does a wireless mouse interface with your computer?

A wireless mouse doesn't need any cords connected to your laptop to operate correctly. It can communicate with another device over a wireless network. However, the type of interface each mouse uses can vary from model to model. Some common interface types you may encounter during your search for a replacement mouse include:

  • USB: A USB wireless mouse can be connected and disconnected from a laptop using a small USB drive. The drive may need to download driver updates or take a moment to recognize a replacement mouse.
  • PS/2: PS/2 mice communicate with the dedicated PS/2 port on a motherboard to move your cursor across the screen.
  • Infrared: Some mice may be able to send signals via infrared wavelengths to activate your laptop's cursor.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology can be used to operate a mouse on the same wireless network as your laptop.
What types of wireless mice can you choose?

There are three main varieties of wireless mice that you might find during your search. Each type has specifications that you may find useful. They include:

  • Standard: Standard mice usually have a center wheel for scrolling through pages and buttons on the left and right sides of the device.
  • Gaming: A gaming mouse might be suited to tasks such as playing "Counter-Strike" online with friends. It may include additional buttons you can program, a higher sensitivity rating, or quicker response times.
  • Trackball: Mice with trackballs use a ball on the side to move the cursor. You can use this method to manipulate the cursor while your mouse remains stationary.
What are some features of mice?

The specific features you get will depend on the model you choose. However, some common features you might find on many mice include:

  • LED lighting: You may be able to program some mice to display colorful LED lights that activate whenever you use them.
  • Adjustable DPI: The dots per inch relate to how fast the pointer moves. You may be able to adjust the DPI for a faster or slower pointer speed as needed.
  • Battery indicator: A battery status indicator is designed to tell you when your device is running low on power.
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