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Children as young as six months old enjoy sitting on and riding on toys. Ride-ons and tricycles typically have an age range that helps parents find the proper toy for their child. Younger children who are unable to push the pedals will love being pushed around by mom and dad. Many of the ride-ons and tricycles are made so that they grow with the owner. For example, many have seats that are adjustable, so as legs grow riders can push the seat further away from the steering wheel.

Foot Power

Small ride-ons and tricycles use the power of the feet to move the pedals, which in turn propels the toy forward. The difference between a tricycle and a bicycle is the number of wheels. The third wheel makes it ideal for toddlers and young children to start cultivating the skills essential to balance and ride a two wheel bike. Another type is the Flintstones type of car in which bottom is missing so riders feet touch the ground and they push themselves around the yard.

Leg Power

Scooters are not only fun to ride but provide great exercise for your child. Of course, your little one might want the electric model, so all they have to do is stand and steer around obstacles. Storing this type of toy takes up a lot less space than storing a bike or tricycle. Older children will enjoy hours of play as they explore the neighborhood or race their friends in these speedy outdoor toys.

Battery Operated

Large ride-on toys such as ride-on cars, trucks, jeeps, and motorcycles are a hit for older toddlers. A 12-volt battery powers the vehicle, which gives the rider enough power to go across the grass, sidewalk, or driveway but not too much power that it becomes unsafe. Start early teaching kids how to drive and road safety.

Just Ride

A three-in-one wagon grows with your family. You can start using it as soon as your baby comes home. Lay the infant in the toy and pull it along behind you. As the child ages, the joy continues. Instead of taking a stroller to the zoo, take a wagon and not only pull your child, but your snacks, extra clothing, and souvenirs.

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