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What You Need to Know About the Rickenbacker 4003

Rickenbacker produces bass guitars in its 4000 series, and the most prominent in this series is the Rickenbacker 4003. A few different versions of the 4003 are available on eBay. Here's a look at these different versions and how they compare to other Rickenbacker bass guitars.

Features and measurements of the Rickenbacker 4003

The Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar's body and neck are made of maple while its fretboard is made of rosewood. The guitar has 20 frets, four strings, triangular fret markers on its fretboard, and a strip of binding around both its fretboard and body. The guitar has two single coil pickups, meaning that it generally has a brighter and less distorted tone than either humbucker or P90 pickups. However, since there are two of them, this can effectively function like one humbucker pickup under the right conditions. That makes this bass especially suited for musical styles like rock or blues.

Principal measurements include the following.

  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Total length: 44.8125 inches
  • Scale length: 33.25 inches
  • Maximum width at body: 13.5 inches
  • Neck width: 1.6875 inches at the nut and 2.125 inches at the 12th fret
  • Crown radius: 10 inches

See the manufacturer site for details.

How the Rickenbacker 4003 differs from other models

The 40003FL has the same basic measurements as the 4003 but is fretless and has dot fret markers. the 4003S has 20 frets, dot fret markers, no binding, and rounded edges that many claim make it more comfortable to use than the 4003. There is also a 5-string version of the 4003S called the Jetglo, as well as an 8-string version.

The Rickenbacker 4004Cii's body is made of a combination of hardrock maple and walnut wood, and weighs only 8 pounds. It also has dot fret markers and two humbucker pickups, giving this model a much rougher and grittier sound. The 4004Cii/5 Cheyenne has five strings and a body made of charactered maple and walnut, making it weigh 8.6 pounds. The 4004L is just like the 4004Cii, except that its body is made of hardwood and its two humbucker pickups are of exceptionally high output.

Other Rickenbacker 4003 models on eBay

You can find the Rickenbacker 4003FL and 4003S on eBay at various prices. The 4003FL has been discontinued, but pre-owned ones are still available. The 4003S is in higher demand than the 4003. You can also find specialized 5-string and 8-string versions of the 4003S.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rickenbacker.

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