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Rickenbacker 12 String Electric Guitars

How to Choose a Rickenbacker 12-String Electric Guitar

Whether youre buying your first guitar or youre adding to an arsenal that features all of the top brands, a Rickenbacker instrument is a smart choice. Use this guide to learn more about picking the right model for your needs on eBay. New and used models are available at affordable prices.

How do Rickenbackers sound?

Most 12-string instruments have a special tone and quality to them because of those extra six strings which are tuned either in unison or in octaves. On most guitars, the high or octave string is first, but on Rickenbackers, that is flipped. This gives Rickenbacker guitars a special feel and tone.

What kinds of pickups do they come with?

Rickenbacker guitars are not all alike. For players, choosing the right set of pickups is essential. While you can always switch them out later, Rickenbacker stock versions are generally considered excellent if you like their unique tone. If you have a particular style that you prefer in a Rickenbacker, you may want to look for a model that features those when starting your search for a guitar. Some of the pickups you can choose from include:

  • Toaster pickups
  • Bass pickups
  • "Hi Gain" pickups
  • "Humbucker" pickups
What models are there?

Rickenbacker makes a variety of 12-string electric guitar models. Some of them also feature the classic stereo pickup configuration that many people are looking for when shopping for a Rickenbacker on eBay. Some common models youll find include:

  • Rickenbacker 330/12
  • Rickenbacker 360/12
  • Rickenbacker 370/12
  • Rickenbacker 620/12
  • Rickenbacker 95404/12
What finishes are there?

Rickenbacker makes guitars in a variety of finishes. Some of the finishes you may be able to find on eBay include:

  • Classic Fireglo: This is a sort of gradient of red and orange that is darker along the edges and lighter as you reach the strings. The guitars neck is also a dark color.
  • Jet black: In this models case, the black color is only found on the guitars main body. The neck is often still a natural wood color.
  • Maplego: This guitars color looks a bit like beige and has a darker wood contrast on the neck.
  • Jetglo: This is a black guitar with white accents and a natural wood neck. Some Jetglo guitars have wood accents on the body as well.

While these are some common finishes that youll find for sale when looking for a Rickenbacker, there are others out there. The hardware color on a Rickenbacker is typically silver and black, but special versions do exist.

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