The name Revell represents two distinct companies, the U.S. company and Revell Germany, which have produced car, truck, and military vehicles in plastic kit form. For decades, Revell has made model cars and truck product lines. Car and truck plastic model kits can be built as representations of brands such as Chevy and Ford.

Do plastic model kits from Revell vary in difficulty level?

Revell sells each model kit with a skill level. A Level 1 model kit, often called SnapTite, snaps together, while a Level 2 model kit requires glue and paint. A model kit of Level 3 or greater will be the most difficult Revell model to build. Each model level is also loosely based on the number of parts used, as follows:

  • A Level 1 model has a minimal number of model parts
  • A Level 2 model has up to 30 parts
  • A Level 3 model has up to 100 parts
  • A Level 4 or Level 5 model has up to 150 parts
Are Revell car and truck model kits limited in eras?

Revell offers a large selection of model cars and model trucks from all automotive eras. Some examples of Revell model cars include Ford and Chevy stock or custom models from the fifties, muscle cars from the sixties, and modern U.S. and import car models. Examples of older vehicles include the Ford Model T and hot-rods based on car bodies from the thirties. Many Ford, Dodge, and even Mercedes trucks and SUVs are also available.

What model car categories do Revell model kits come in?

Revell model car kits are broken down into different sub-categories. One breakdown is by time periods, such as classic cars from before 1964, muscle cars starting in 1964 through 1974, and modern cars starting in 1975 through to the present. Other categories are based on people's names, including Chip Foose cars, Ed Roth model cars, and Tom Daniel model kits. There are also custom model kits, imported cars, and street rods model cars. The category is often included within the plastic model name, such as "1:25 Custom Cadillac Lowrider" or the "1/24 TOM DANIEL Paddy Wagon w/Figures Plastic Model Kit."

Does Revell sell model kits combining Chevy and Ford automobiles?

Revell does not currently offer model kits that combine automotive brands such as Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or other manufacturers. Some Revell kits do allow you to build different plastic model versions of the same car, such as a stock or custom Ford muscle car from a specific year. This is an industry standard not limited to Revell alone. The practice is also applied to other types of subjects, including military models, planes, and ships.

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