Retro 51 Pen

Pens are a classic writing implement and office accessory that can be stylish if you look at vintage-style fountain pens. Whether rollerball or fountain ink, there are an incredible amount of styles to flatter different writing needs.

What are some features of a Retro 51 Tornado pen?

If you have never used a fine fountain pen, you will enjoy several features of the Retro 51 that differentiate it from an average stick-style pen.

  • The Tornado has an ergonomic design for comfort.
  • The pen is balanced to settle naturally in your hand.
  • It features a lacquer finish on a metal base.
  • It features a retractable rollerball point with no cap that could get lost.
  • The ink flows smoothly.
What options does Retro 51 offer in writing implements?

The company has diversified over the years in terms of the writing instruments and office accessories it sells, but it remains committed to its stated mission of delivering old-fashioned value combined with fashion and fun. Examples that illustrate the scope of Retro 51's product line include:

  • Fountain pens with rollerball tips
  • Tornado mechanical pencils
  • Ink refills
  • Rollerball and pencil gift sets
  • Hexomatic ballpoint pens
What are the hallmarks of Retro 51 products?

Although these writing instruments come in a significant array of colors, tube designs, and diameters, all feature black ink and refills that are either black or blue ink. You can tell you are writing with a Retro 51 pen if it has certain identifying features. One is a knurled metal end cap that enhances your grip when retracting the tip. The mechanical pencils also have this feature, but they are finished off with an eraser end. The pens feature a number of graphic designs that range from animal rescue to playing card themes as well as solid color tubes in vibrant hues. The word "Tornado" is engraved on the trim piece just below the knurled end.

How should you care for your Tornado pen?

When the ink stops flowing smoothly and readily, you should change the cartridge as follows, keeping in mind that while other brands of refills may fit, the manufacturer recommends using Retro 51 or Parker ink refills.

  • Unscrew the cone at the tip end in a counterclockwise direction, and remove the empty ink cartridge.
  • Remove the spring from the used cartridge and place it on the refill.
  • Put the refill in the tube.
  • Replace the cone by twisting it clockwise, but do not over-tighten.
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