Retail Display Cases

Retail Display Cases

Whether your retail business sells collectibles, expensive jewelry, or designer eyeglasses, you need display cases to keep your merchandise safe. You can find a variety of display options for your items, which will keep your products looking clean and organized.

What types of locking display cases are available?

If youre selling valuable jewelry, collectibles, or expensive glasses, youll want to protect your retail items with a locking case. In addition to preventing theft, this also prevents damage from accidents. Locking case options include:

  • Wooden cases: Display cases and counters made from wood will help keep small products organized. Some include drawers to keep certain items out of sight.
  • Glass counters: Suitable for toys, jewelry, and electronics, a counter keeps your retail products safe from fingerprints, liquids, and food. It also allows you to showcase them at the same time.
  • Frames: You may want to keep magazines and photos locked away until the time of sale. Locking frames allow you to display the collectibles without handling them directly.
  • Clear cabinets: These store fixtures let you keep a large collection safe. A clear display case provides a protected eye-level view of your items. If theyre made of acrylic, they can also withstand impacts, making them great jewelry display cases.
How do you display sunglasses?

Display cases for sunglasses need to be durable. They would also benefit from being transparent, so customers can get a good look at the sunglasses. Your store may benefit from display cases such as these:

  • Display box: A fixture suited to small collections, a tiered box will store your products in a way that is easy to keep organized. These fit into store counters for extra protection.
  • Display stand: A stand allows you to showcase the glasses from various angles. These display cases prevent scratches by keeping the glasses at a distance from each other.
  • Display cabinet: If you have a large collection of designer sunglasses for sale, consider a jewelry display case to show them off. This lets you showcase your collection all at once so customers can see the scope of your inventory at a glance.
What types of showcase locks are available?

Options for glass or acrylic display cases vary in strength. You may want to consider using one of the following:

  • Slider door lock: These locks provide protection for display cases up to 9 millimeters thick. They are designed for quick, easy access to jewelry display cases.
  • Swinging door lock: This lock protects swinging doors up to 1/4-inch thick. It hangs over the glass and uses a strike plate for the initial connection.
  • Plunger lock: The plunger attaches to the retail display case and is used by plunging the lock closed. When you turn the key, the lock expands and opens the display up.