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Resident Evil 2

"Resident Evil 2" is a survival horror and action game developed by Capcom. First released in 1998, the game is a title on the original PlayStation console. The story of "Resident Evil 2" takes place two months after the original "Resident Evil" when a virus transforms the residents of Raccoon City into zombies.

How does the gameplay work in "Resident Evil 2?"

The objective of "Resident Evil 2" is to explore a large environment while you fight zombies and monsters with limited resources. The game emphasizes survival, puzzle solving, horror elements, and exploration. While you will encounter many enemies throughout the story, "Resident Evil 2" also encourages you to conserve your ammo and supplies, especially on higher difficulties. Save spots are sporadically strewn throughout the game, so be sure to save whenever they appear. At certain moments during the story, you will be joined by a support character who will sometimes become playable.

Does the game use pre-rendered graphics?

The game features 3-D character models and items superimposed on a 2-D pre-rendered background. That means the backgrounds are essentially flat objects. Pre-rendered essentially means that the graphics were created beforehand and placed into it as static backgrounds. This practice was prevalent in PlayStation titles as a graphical enhancement. Because of the fixed camera angle, the perspective of the camera changes every time you enter a new room, corridor, or outdoor areas which are intended to make it appear more cinematic.

Which systems was "Resident Evil 2" released on?

Apart from the PlayStation version, "Resident Evil 2" was later ported to Microsoft Windows PC, the Nintendo 64, the Dreamcast, and the GameCube. There was also a reworked 2.5D version released for the hand-held system. The Nintendo 64 received a full, intact version of "Resident Evil 2" with some visual enhancements and new features. The GameCube and Dreamcast versions also received minor graphical enhancements and a higher resolution but otherwise are the same. If you own the original PlayStation version of "Resident Evil 2," it can also be played on the PlayStation 2.

What modes does "Resident Evil 2" have?

The original PlayStation version has two modes called The 4th Survivor and To-Fu Survivor. The objective in both of these games is to reach the goal with only a basic set of items in your inventory. A third mode called Extreme Battle was added to later versions. The objective in Extreme Battle is to reach the end of the level as quickly as possible with all the guns and ammo at your disposal. In addition, "Resident Evil 2" features all kinds of extra unlockables such as costumes and developer art.

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