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Replacement Shaver Heads

Shavers comprise a very wide range of tools from antique single-blade traditional razors to electric razors for trimming beards, hair or even eyebrows. Shaver heads generally serve one of two functions: either to contain the shaver blades, keeping them locked in-place against the handle, or to act as guides to help contour and shape the amount of hair which the blades beneath can access.

Popular electric shaver brands and models include the Philips Norelco, the Braun Series, the Aquatouch, and the Bald Eagle, the Super Lift, and Series 5000 Shavers. Many of these popular brands are easy to find replacement parts for. Some larger models, primarily used as hair cutters.

How Often Should I Replace Shaver Heads?

How often you need a replacement head greatly depends on the kind of model you're using. In general, there are three different kinds to consider: stationary shaver heads, oscillating foil shaver heads, and electric hair shaver heads. With each of these types, how often you should replace them also depends upon your shaving schedule.

  • When shaving with a razor with a stationary head, the rule of thumb is that it should be replaced every 10 days. However, some razors with higher numbers of blades or soothing skincare supplements mounted on the head may last as long as 30 days.
  • When using an oscillating foil or electric shaver, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In some cases, this may be as soon as after a few months; and in others, this may be after several years. Often, the care and quality of the manufacturing of the razor head will determine how long it lasts, as well as other factors such as how often you shave, how coarse and dense your hair is, how well you care for your shaver, and if you use pre-shave talcum. Many shaving powders and washes can accelerate the wear of oscillating their heads.
  • The shaver heads for electric hair shavers are generally only plastic or rubber guides for the action of the blades, and should only need to be replaced if they break or warp so that hair is not caught or misaligned before reaching the cutter.

What Are Common Signs I Should Replace A Shaver Head?

No matter what kind of shaver or shaving accessories you use, there are many commonly accepted signs that a head should be replaced. These common rules of thumb are the same between manual razors, electric razors, and even similar between varieties and models.

  • You should replace a shaver head if it feels uncomfortable to use, leaves nicks, or your skin feels unusually sore afterward.
  • You should replace the head of an electric shaver if it begins to get particularly hot. Anything more than a faint, diffuse sense of warmth should be considered unusual.
  • You should switch out a shaver head if any part of it seems broken or cracked, and especially if you see places where an oscillating foil variety has broken or missing foil.
  • You should also seek a replacement for electric shavers or traditional shavers if you feel that shaving leaves visible hair still remaining above the skin, and is less close to the skin
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