Replacement Earbuds

Keep Your Music Coming On the Go With Replacement Earbuds

Earbuds are an incredibly convenient way to experience personal music while on the go or at home, but they do have one slight disadvantage: tips like to get lost. This is where replacement earbud tips save the day. You can find an assortment of materials, shapes, and brands on eBay to fit your needs.

What materials are replacement earbud covers made of?

From earbud rubber tips to silicone earbud covers, there are a variety of materials that make up replacement earbuds. Aluminum, ceramic, plastic, and soft sponge foam all promise advantages for your listening solutions. Some sit more securely in the ear, others promise greater degrees of comfort, and still others yield the least expensive price for the quality of sound.

What are top brands of earbud replacements?

Some of the top brands include:

  • Replacement earbud tips for Beats - Available in four different sizes to fit individual users, these silicone earbud tips are soft to the touch and comfortable to use.
  • Replacement earbud tips for Skullcandy - These replacement silicone earbuds have a design to isolate sound and reduce surrounding ambient noise for a more intense listening experience.
  • Replacement earbuds for Apple - These silicone earbud covers are specially made for earbuds that work with iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
What are the shapes rubber replacement earbuds come in?

Many basic replacement earbuds come in a bowl shape. For larger ears, there are double-flange earbud rubber tips. Triple-flange rubber earbud covers are designed to simultaneously offer a secure fit while blocking out ambient noise for a more complete listening experience.

How do you select the right replacement earbud covers?

Consider the following when choosing earbud covers:

  • Check compatibility - Before ordering new earbud tips from eBay, check for size compatibility by measuring the length and diameter of the earbud nozzle. Ideally, the earphone buds replacement will fit without flaw on the nozzle. Do not worry if you have difficulty achieving a precise measurement; most major brands offer charts for compatibility showing which models work with which replacement earbud tips.
  • Know your size - Size is important to consider because the correct size will not only provide a fit that is more comfortable, but also a better seal against outside noise. Earbud tips that are too small will result in sound loss, less bass impact, and a greater likelihood of the earbuds falling out when you are performing active routines. Replacement earbuds that are too large will cause ear canal pain.
  • Consider material - Foam tips generally provide a better seal but are not as durable as rubber earbuds covers. Silicone and rubber are more varied in size and are generally washable.