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Relay Modules & Relay Boards

Tips for Buying Wi-Fi Relay Modules and Relay Boards

If you want a smoother internet connection, eBay has you covered. Check out their selection of affordable Wi-Fi relay modules and relay boards.

How does a Wi-Fi relay work?

Wi-Fi relays exponentially expand signal ranges for routers, and they assist in receiving foreign signals as well. These devices are also extremely helpful for organizing and securing a network that hosts multiple Wi-Fi networks.

With a new or used Wi-Fi relay, you can take existing Wi-Fi signals from any nearby router or wireless access point and turn it into a new network. These second networks exist separately from the original and do not affect the original broadcasts quality or consistency in any way. Creating a second network with a wireless receiver can give you internet access in areas where it is otherwise unavailable. Relays also provide value by allowing you to reduce your households data usage.

Are there different versions of the relays available?

There are some slight differences between the new and pre-owned relays available on eBay. Here are some of the different formats and versions available to you:

  • Module boards: These boards are entirely self-contained and have minimal interactions with your router or modem. These are an effective solution for those who need a relay that picks up the slack for their network when its slow.
  • Latch-style relays: These attach to a router or motherboard with a hard-installed latch mechanism.
  • Switch-based optocouplers: These relays can be turned on and off by a switch located on their front ends.
  • Four-channel modules: These include space for four personalized Wi-Fi networks.
  • Two-channel modules: These Include space for two personalized Wi-Fi networks.
What are some features of these relays?

Wi-Fi relays are the solutions to many router-based complaints and annoyances. If you are looking to overhaul your home-internet experience, check out eBays selection of open-source relays. Here are some of the benefits offered by these devices:

  • Greater signal coverage: Kiss dead zones goodbye with the seamless transmission capabilities offered by these relays.
  • Enhanced consistency: The comprehensive coverage offered by Wi-Fi relays makes router-end signal outages a thing of the past.
  • Multiple networks: When a Wi-Fi relay retransmits an existing signal, its technically making a new one. In effect, this means that you can make a personalized network for everyone in your household.
  • Fast downloads: The enhanced signal consistency offered by Wi-Fi routers allows large data packages and files to be transferred in a snap.
  • More bandwidth: Enjoy high-definition and 4K-quality video streams with the bit rates offered by these relays.
What are the specifications of these relays?

Each Wi-Fi relay may have different specifications, so see the manufacturers site for details. Below are some of the available specifications of these devices:

  • Channels: 8
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Relay interface: Microcontroller compliant
  • Power output: AC110V to AC250V

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