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Stay on Course with Recreational Go Kart Axles

When you ride a go kart, one of the parts that get the most wear and tear is the go kart axle. This is because dust, debris, and small stones can hit the axle and cause it to be damaged when it is in use. Hitting bumps or potholes at the wrong angle can cause issues with the axle as well, so you may need to replace them from time to time.

Live axle or dead axle

There are two different types of axles that you can get for your go kart. The first is a dead axle that is effectively a manual model where the wheels spin without the axle moving at all. A live axle is slightly different. The wheels are mounted on the axle directly so that the axle and the wheels spin together.

With a live axle, you will find that both tires will have the same amount of power because they are designed to spin with the engine. This means that spinouts are less likely, and you will have more control of your kart on an off-road track.

What are the benefits of a shorter axle?

Sometimes the axle that comes with your go kart is not the size that you want it to be. If this is the case, you can install a shorter axle to get the grip you need rounding turns. There are other benefits to having a shorter axle that you may not be aware of, some of which include:

  • More stable braking while driving the kart
  • Less gripping from the tires when you exit a turn
  • More tire revolutions, which allows for a quicker reaction time while you are driving
What is included in a full go kart axle kit?

Regardless of the reason that you need to replace your go kart axle, you are going to need to make sure that you have everything that you need to make the replacement. If you are purchasing a full kit, make sure that it includes:

  • The axle
  • Nuts
  • Axle bearings
  • A keystock
  • Three-hole flangettes with hardware
  • Steel locking collars
  • A brake band
  • A brake drum with a bore hub
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