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A Buyer's Guide to the Realtek rtl2832u

If you need more flexibility in how you enjoy your movies, TV shows, and games, then the affordable Realtek RTL2832U dongle can be a great help; it allows you to transmit SD content to any display with a USB port. There is a bevy of buying options available on eBay.

What functions does the Realtek rtl2832u enable?

These products are DVB-T SDR dongles, which means they are essentially compact and highly portable streaming devices. They can be used to broadcast a number of different video and audio signals from outside sources. The product is a sort of bundle, including one Realtek RTL2832U (the dongle) and one Realtek R820T (the antenna). These two pieces of hardware enhance one another's effectiveness with the dongle enabling the streaming functionalities and the antenna providing the range and connection stability. Below are some of the product's more specific features:

  • SD & HD signals: Enjoy 720p and 1080p video signals from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection with these dongles.
  • MPEG video encoding: This technology supports all of the most widely used video encoding methods, enabling seamless connectivity with third-party streaming and video hosting platforms.
  • AAC audio connectivity:Enjoy audiophile-grade sound quality with cutting-edge audio encoder support.
  • Built-in subtitles:When you aren't able to turn up the volume and don't have headphones on you, don't fret. The dongle is able to generate subtitles on the fly.
  • Infrared remote control:Browse your laptop or device just as you would an HDTV with a handy, intuitively designed infrared remote control.
What are some compatible devices?

These dongles are compatible with smart TVs, smart devices, and Windows PCs running a Pentium III CPU or higher. With such a broad range of compatible devices, these dongles can turn a remarkable amount of devices into your personalized theater or sound studio. Installation only requires a USB 2.0 port that the majority of even middle-aged devices feature.

What are the specifications for the hardware?
  • Input Terminal: 75 OHM
  • Frequency: 174-230 MHz
  • Carrier: 2K & 8K
  • Bandwidth: 6 - 8 MHz
  • Code rates: FEC 7/8
Does the product include any software or specialty programs?

Yes. These dongles can be paired with Realtek's custom software, which enables a number of useful features. Enhanced organization options, cloud storage, and dedicated memory options are enabled by pairing the dongles with the program. These features take an already exceptional product to the next level by adding a professional and easily navigated UI to the package.

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