Realist Vintage Stereo Cameras

Between 1947 and the mid-1970s, a variety of stereo cameras were used to create unique images. While these film cameras are no longer produced, vintage models and a collection of various lens types are available on many marketplaces. Those interested in the history of photography may be intrigued enough to check out these vintage stereo products.

What are stereo cameras?

The Stereo Realist was designed to create images that were as realistic as possible. The Stereo Realist camera takes two slightly different photos at the same time at different depths and distances to create a 3-D effect.

Photos of these types had to be viewed with a special box that combined the photos to emulate a 3-D effect. Photography of this type was a significant jump from standard two-dimensional types. As a result, cameras of this type became common and were often used by those on vacation to create stereo photos they could use to showcase their vacation time.

What type of film does the Realist camera use?

If you find a vintage camera of this type, you can still use it to make stereo or 3-D images. However, you will have to purchase film and sometimes a lens to go with it. Creating vintage 3-D images with this camera requires the use of 35 mm film. The film must be installed into the camera so that the image's top is oriented with the top of the film strip.

What vintage stereo camera models are available from Realist?

Those interested in vintage cameras and lens models from this company can choose from a few different types. The vintage cameras produced by Realist include the Realist 2.8 or ST-42. This model uses four f/2.8 lenses to create a slightly different level of contrast. IT varies from the standard model in this way since that model has three f/3.5 lenses. Other vintage camera models produced by Realist include:

  • Realist Custom
  • Realist 45
  • Olden Realist
  • Macro Realist
Which accessories for vintage Stereo cameras are available?

There are many items produced for these stereo cameras that help make them more useful. For example, the mounting glass helps display the images to showcase their three-dimensional look. There are also various slide viewers and projectors that showcase these images. A few other accessories include:

  • Seton Polarizer
  • Steinheil 25mm Adapter
  • Mounts for Realist Stereo Slides
  • Original Leather-Fitted Case
  • Realistic Masks

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