Find Out Everything Ray-Ban B Shooter Sunglasses Have to Offer

Ray-Ban has manufactured classic and stylish aviator sunglasses for decades. The Ray-Ban B L Shooter line pays homage to the brand's parent company, Bausch and Lomb. New Ray-Ban B L Shooter sunglasses combine contemporary materials and craftsmanship with classic colors and silhouettes, and they are available new and pre-owned on eBay.

The advantages of yellow lenses

The Ray-Ban B L Shooter sunglasses with yellow lenses are the original Kalichrome Shooter sunglasses. The advantages are:

  • Kalichrome is a high-contrast lens
  • It is free of vision-distorting defects
  • It also intensifies light while preventing eye strain
Do the other color lenses have significance as well?

The different colored lenses on eBay correspond to different periods in the history of the Ray-Ban B L Shooter line:

  • Green lenses call 1930s Ray-Ban sunglasses to mind
  • Brown lenses came along in the 1940s
  • Gray lenses are associated with 1950s Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • Colors like beige, gold, and silver are typical of designs from the 1960s and on
Do these have the same features as regular Ray-Ban?

The Ray-Ban B L Shooter has all the same available features as other Ray-Ban sunglasses as well as additional unique features:

  • Gradient lenses have a tint from the top down for reduced glare when you're driving, when you're on the water, or when you're at an outdoor sports event
  • G-15 lenses block up to 85% of incoming light without affecting visual clarity
  • UVA and UVB protection prevents damage to your eyes from ultraviolet light
  • The signature bullet hole above the bridge defines each pair of Ray-Ban B L Shooter sunglasses
What about the 1/10 12K GF Ray-Ban G L Shooters?

When shopping on eBay, the sequence of letters and numbers refers to the gold weight, purity, and ratio of filler:

  • 1/10 indicates one unit of 10 or 10%
  • 12K refers to 12 karats, which connotes a gold purity of 50%
  • "GF" stands for gold filled
  • Hence, 1/10 12K GF means the total weight of a given metal is one-tenth (10%) filled with gold whose purity is 50%
  • Similarly, 1/30 10K GO means 3% of a gold overlay contains gold that is roughly 40% pure (10K)
Features of electroplated Ray-Ban B L Shooter sunglasses

Electroplated refers to a technique used to apply gold overlay. The technique combines gold with a base metal, such as chromium or silver. Electroplating is superior to other plating techniques because it resists corrosion and rust. Corrosion resistance means the metal frames of your selected pair of Ray-Ban B L Shooter sunglasses retain their pristine appearance over a lifetime of use despite exposure to elements.

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