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Rawlings Baseball and Softball Gloves and Mitts

Since 1887, Rawlings has been manufacturing a wide array of sport equipment including baseball equipment, softball, basketball, training equipment, American footballs, and more. Rawlings baseball and softball gloves and mitts come in different categories such as baseball, softball, youth gloves, pro stock gloves, and custom gloves. Their baseball and softball gloves include options like the Heart of the Hide gloves, Gamer gloves, and Shut Out gloves.

Does Rawlings make gloves for specific positions?

Yes, Rawlings makes a glove for almost every position on the field. The different designs of gloves allow players to adapt to the different demands of their positions.

  • Infield gloves: The Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75-inch fielding glove or the Select Pro Lite 11.5-inch fielding glove are examples of infield gloves. It is made of leather, has a cushioned fingerback lining, as well as palm and index finger padding. The Select Pro Lite is a Kris Bryant design model.
  • A catcher's mitt: Catcher's gloves need to be larger to add more padding and absorb the shock of a ball thrown quickly from a short distance. The Rawlings 2018 Liberty Advanced 34-inch softball mitt for catchers is made of leather laces and full grain leather shells. Additional examples of the catcher's mitt are the Renegade 32.5-inch catcher’s mitt and the Player Preferred 33-inch catcher’s mitt.
  • Outfield gloves: The outfield glove is 12 to 13 inches in diameter for extra range when tracking down balls. Other Rawlings baseball and softball gloves come in diameters up to 14 inches. Examples are the Sandlot Series 12.75-inch outfield glove and the Heart of the Hide Finger shift 12.75-inch outfield glove.
Can you use a fastpitch glove for slowpitch softball?

Most players can use the same softball gloves for fastpitch softball and the version of the game played at the slower speed. In most cases, the size of the softball gloves matter more than any other variable. As long as a mitt is at least 11.5 inches for infielders and 12 inches for outfielders, a player should be well equipped for the game.

What colors do Rawlings baseball and softball gloves come in?

A Rawlings fastpitch glove comes in a variety of colors such as brown, black, and tan. The webbing inside of the mitt may also be customized to the buyer's liking. Colors such as orange, blue, or other exotic hues are also available foe many designs.

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